Mystery Behind The Coins Inside Apple MacBooks

Mystery Behind The Coins Inside Apple MacBooks

Mystery Behind The Coins Inside Apple MacBooks

If you open an old MacBook of Apple, you might find a penny or a few cents in it. The coin is completely sealed inside the disc reader compartment. In different computers where it has appeared has a different value, and is not present in all of them, not even in those made at the same time.

Why is there a coin sealed inside a computer? Has Apple put it there or slipped inside? What purpose does it have? Apple has not offered an official answer, so as it is easy to imagine, there are many more or less consistent explanations on the Internet.

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It is a phenomenon that has been repeated in recent years, so it has become an urban legend of Apple. Someone takes the case out of their MacBook, and a coin is found inside:-

It is not always the same coin and is not always present. Sometimes it is a fraction of a dollar, another is a fourth Canadian. When it appears, it is always in the same place: under the optical reader of the MacBook. You can see it more clearly in this video:-

Michael Vogel, an engineer at Apple, offered an explanation in Quora: people carry their MacBook in bags and backpacks, where they also keep coins, and surely some of them could have slipped through the slot in the old MacBook’s SuperDrive disk drive, to stay inside.

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An explanation that has not convinced many people because, as can be seen in the photos and video, the coin is completely sealed in a plastic sheath inside the optical drive, and it is almost impossible that you can get there from the Exterior.

Assuming it has been put there by Apple, there is an added difficulty. The MacBook, like most Apple products, are manufactured in China, in the factories of Foxconn. Why would a Chinese factory use US and Canadian dollars, not yuan, which is easier to get in China?

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If we assume that they have been put there deliberately, what use do they have? The first conclusion would be to dissipate the heat from the disk drive, something a coin can do, but for that, it would have to be cooler than the disk itself, an unlikely condition if it is sealed inside the casing.

Another explanation is that it could dampen the sound of the disc when turning, or prevent the head from moving much when the user tilts the computer while reading a disc. But then if this were true, why are not they present on all the old MacBook?

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While Apple does not offer an official explanation, the mystery of the currency inside the MacBook will remain another urban legend of Apple. Will we ever know the resolution of the puzzle?

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