10 Things You Do On The Internet That Are Considered Illegal

We all do some minor offenses in our day to day life online. Although activities such as watching a movie via streaming on that “dubious” site or downloading it on Pirate Bay may look simple, this stuffs are technically illegal before a court.

10 Things You Do On The Internet That Are Considered Illegal

To demonstrate how the Internet has assisted in managing stupid laws, we have prepared a list of several “criminal activities” that you probably practice or have ever practiced that you never knew.

Download files and use them without permission

This item is clear, but it goes without stating that downloading JPG, PNG, PDF files or any other type you find in a simple Google search is illegal. While you are just staring at them online, that’s fine, but from the minute you download the searched image, you’ll be able to share it the way you want, and that’s illegal. The exception to this rule is if the owner of the original file gives you the liberty to download it or if they are licensed under Creative Commons.

VPNs and IP masks

The use of a VPN, in and of itself, is not a crime. But using this skill to watch restricted videos on the internet is a way to bypass both copyright laws and terms of use of services

Steal Wi-Fi from the neighbor

Connecting without permission on a Wi-Fi network that is not public, such as your neighbor’s, for example, is a crime. Since you are exactly stealing internet access.

Offensive social comment

Bullying performed on the Internet, also known as cyberbullying, can be expressed as a crime. According to Title 18, Section 875, Subsection C of the United States Penal Code “Whoever transmits in interstate or foreign commerce any communication containing any threat to kidnap any person or any threat to injure the person of another, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than five years, or both.”

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Underage Facebook Accounts

According to the terms of use of Mark Zuckerberg’s social network, only those over 13 years old can register. And whoever registers before 18 is prevented from posting anything publicly.

Blocking advertisements.

Blockers of advertisements, covering pop-up ads (which are often included in browsers) may be counted illegal depending on the site. Ignoring these ads may be equal to “do not pay the fee to view the content in question” and in some cases, preventing ads in your browser may be illegal.

Sharing the passwords of subscription

This is what Netflix users do, they buy a subscription and then shares the password with their friends and relatives to save money for another subscription. However, this an illegal thing. Sharing the passwords of subscription is always termed as illegal.

Download torrent files

The torrent itself is not illegal, but most things downloaded by it are rather prohibited by law. Privacy is the main reason why a majority of the torrent website went down last year.

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Create GIFs and Memes

Creating a GIF or meme is not illegal. Again, the problem is using third party material protected by copyright law. As this type of content often reaches fast over the Internet, it is challenging to locate the source and the creator, who is almost never punished for it.

Register domains names with famous trademarks

Registering domain names with famous trademarks is considered illegal because a lot of these companies are protected by trademark laws, and even if you registered the domain first, they can apply for the domain for themselves.

Uploading TV Shows On YouTube

TV shows are mostly protected by copyright laws. YouTube itself alerts you to the fact in the Community Guidelines tab. If you are posting a copyrighted content on Youtube then not only your content will be removed, you may have to pay fine for it.

These are the activities that are illegal. Make sure, you are not doing anything listed above. Share this post with your friends too.

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