5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

Let me ask you a question! What is a cell phone for? Well, if this question was asked 10 years ago, you might have answered, to make and receive calls.

If you have to answer this question now, then answering this question will get more and more complicated – or, possibly, the answer is quite simple: a modern mobile phone is capable of doing everything.

5 Cool Things You Didn’t Know Your Android Could Do

But apart from games, social networks, calculators, calendars, text and image editors and so many other more essential things you can do on a smartphone, these handsets can do many more tasks, including things you may have never imagined. Here we are going to mention 5 things that you won’t believe your smartphones con actually do.

1) Cashless Withdrawals Using Your Smartphone

This feature does not depend on your smartphone, but your bank.  The fact that some banks already allows you to make withdrawals using ATM. You need to have a registered mobile number and a bank app installed on your phone. Users will receive some codes which needed to be entered in the cash machine to receive the money.

2) Smartphone as remote control

Many television manufacturers rely on official applications for you to control content playback from a smartphone, without the traditional remote control.

In addition, you can use your smartphone to control your computer by using an application such as Unified Remote.

3) Measure distances 

There are several applications available for Android and iOS which lets you measure the distance and position. Apps like Bubble Level can help you to measure the position and distance of anything. You can even use the app like Smart Measure which can measure the distance between two points.

4) Monitoring Heart Rate

Monitoring of heart rate, blood pressure and other details of your health is also possible with smartphones nowadays. In some cases, you will need to use extra gadgets that will be paired with the gadget and will offer detailed information about your frame.

Apps like Instant Heart Rate, Runtastic and much more can monitor your heart rate using smartphone’s camera. The results might not be accurate but it will give the approximate result.

5) Monitor Your Physical Activities

Do you like to run or ride? Android apps like Runtastic, Runkeeper, Strava can monitor your performance. This record your performance in walking, running and cycling with the help of GPS of your device. This app can record the exact route and can show you how many miles you have traveled today.

These are the five best things you can do with your smartphone. Do you have something more to add? Leave a comment below, we will update it shortly!

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