Top 5 Best Free Tools To Find And Update Drivers In Windows

Top 5 Best Free Tools To Find And Update Drivers In Windows

Top 5 Best Free Tools To Find And Update Drivers In Windows

The drivers are files that are in charge to tell the operating system how to use the various components, devices, and peripherals you have connected to your computer.

Without the drivers, the operating system cannot detect any hardware components or peripherals connected or you will not know which commands to send it to work. For this reason, it is vital to keep the controllers always updated and in perfect condition, so that the equipment works normally.

Using an incorrect or poorly installed driver can lead to system instability and the dreaded blue screenshots of Windows.

That’s why we have selected some applications that will help you to download drivers for your computer and to make backup copies of the drivers that you have installed so that they are always in optimal conditions and solve the problems of your computer when connecting the hardware or peripherals.

So, if you want to forget forever your problems with the drivers, simply do not miss this list of the best programs to find and update drivers in Windows. So, let’s get started:-

1. SlimDrivers

SlimDrivers allows you to easily install, update and uninstall the drivers for your computer. When SlimDrivers detects that a driver is running with an outdated version, it looks for a replacement and offers you to download it from the program interface itself.

It also detects if you have uninstalled a component or device and offers you to uninstall the drivers that remain installed to free up space and keep your computer optimized.

The driver management tool has a free version with some limited options and another paid version. Obviously, when you unlock the features of the paid version, the maintenance of the drivers becomes more comfortable, but the free version is more than enough to keep the drivers of your computer in top form.

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2. Snappy Driver Installer

Snappy Driver Installer is a free and open source driver and driver installer that follows the steps of DriverPack Solution, offering you a version to download the drivers you need from the Internet called SDI Lite, or a full version that occupies around 12.8 GB called SDI Full, which allows the update of offline drivers that you can use to upgrade any computer since being portable, it can be installed on an external USB disk.

One of the great advantages of Snappy Driver Installer is that, after analyzing your computer to check the status of the drivers, allows you to select all those that need updating, to download and install them all at once.

In addition, if after updating the drivers some device does not work correctly, you can go back to the previous driver as the Snappy Driver Installer creates an automatic restore point before each update. This guarantees maximum security when updating the drivers.

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3. DriverIdentifier

If you do not want complications when downloading and updating the drivers for your PC, DriverIdentifier is the program you were looking for.

It is extremely simple to use, but without losing an ounce of efficiency in its mission to keep drivers updated, which it does, even without an Internet connection. Something that will certainly be very useful if you just reinstall the system and still could not install the driver for the network card.

Another feature of DriverIdentifier is that it has a portable version that you can copy to a pendrive and run it from there on any other computer without having to install it. Something to keep in mind to complete your Toolkit for PC repair.

As with Device Doctor, DriverIdentifier only provides the download link for the driver from the manufacturer’s official website, so it helps to download the official drivers for the new components, but not so much for the older peripherals.

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4. DriverPack Solution

This tool for updating and maintaining drivers is different from its rivals for being open source and totally free. DriverPack Solution is available in two versions that, as already mentioned, are totally free, but that obey clearly differentiated objectives.

The first one only weighs 2MB and contains the application installer that, through an Internet connection, will analyze and install the drivers that your computer needs.

Instead, the second version weighs about 11GB and is in the form of ISO image that can be downloaded via torrent client. The reason for the weight of this version is that it contains all the drivers your computer might need and install them without having to have an Internet connection.

In addition to being able to update the drivers for your PC, with DriverPack Solution you can also keep your programs updated automatically as it includes an integrated software update service.

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5. Driver Talent

The free version of Driver Talent is fully functional from the first minute and will be very useful to help you update the drivers of your PC. However, the PRO version of this application has an excellent tool that allows repairing corrupted drivers. An ideal solution for recovering old peripheral drivers difficult to find.

This tool allows you to automatically find the most appropriate drivers for the hardware you have installed on your computer and, once found, download and install it in Windows maintaining and solving problems with the drivers of your printer, webcam or any peripherals you have connected.

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