Google Just Launched A New Extraordinary App For Android

Google Just Launched A New Extraordinary App For Android

Day by day the convergence between mobile, tablet and computer is playing more and more key role in our daily life and using these devices in our work, the ability to transfer files, or simply to consult them, is extremely useful and convenient.

Google is not stupid and has realized this, so it has decided to use an existing protocol in Windows, traditionally used to share files from Linux-based systems, to launch an application that will allow you to see the files on your computer On your Android phone. Isn’t it useful?

Android Samba Client, this is how Google wants you to see the files on your mobile PC

The protocol that we have just discussed, together with others, is grouped in Samba, which brings together several of these protocols and services to make directories and subdirectories of Linux, can be shown as a simple shared folder on a Windows computer.

Google, therefore, has used this to create Android Samba Client so that, when downloading the application, simply, you will have to enter the path of your server, next to the password. After this, the files on your PC will be displayed, and you can even modify or delete the files of your choice.

Although it can be a very useful application, the truth is that it is not for everyone. And, many – if we do not need to access files of several gigabytes in size – we prefer the simplicity offered by Google Drive or Dropbox, in addition to its excellent integration with Evernote, the suite of Microsoft Office and Adobe.

You can find this application for free on Google Play, but beware, you should be aware that this is not an application to control your computer, as it could be ApowerMirror – which we have already talked about.

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