Google Launches A New Website With Tips & Tricks For Android

Are you new to Android? The tech giant Google has thought of you and has launched an amazing hub dedicated to tips and tricks to adapt faster to the operating system.

Hence, the tech giant Google’s team does not want us to forget the potential that its most used operating system Android has, so they have created a new website with a series of tips and tricks.

In Android Tips & Tricks we can discover 7 categories, ranging from Privacy and Security, Voice, Camera and Photos, Battery, Personalization, Settings to More Applications.

How to use the device manager to locate our mobile, how to take a panoramic photo, how to load the device faster, how to create our Android character, voice commands … are some of the tricks that are shared.

To see the information just click on “Learn More” and a pop-up window will open. The instructions are a few steps, so it takes only a few lines to give us the indications that we will have to make on our devices.

At the moment, they are a little over 40 tips, but nothing complex. They are intended for users who are just getting to know Android or those who have missed some trick. It is an ideal site to recommend to those family members who have thousands of questions when using Android, as they will have some basic tips that will be useful.

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Click here to visit the website.

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