Why Microsoft Name Their OS ‘Windows’?

Why Microsoft Name Their OS 'Windows'?

Why Microsoft Name Their OS ‘Windows’?

Have you ever wondered that what “XP” means or where the “Windows” comes from? Some operating systems get their names from obvious places, but others need an explanation. Read on to find out how Microsoft’s Windows OS got its name.

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We’ve put together the most popular and familiar operating system, of course, Windows with an interesting story behind its name, be sure to teach them to the other readers in the comments.

The name Windows came from the fact that the new operating system, Windows 1.0, had windows in which a user could interact with the GUI (Graphical User Interface). “Windows”, always state all the way with the current operating system and the number or name after “Windows” is to know which version of Windows it is.

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The tech giant Microsoft stuck with the numbering scheme from 1.0 to 3, 1 when they started working on their new technology (NT), it is a branch of the operating system. Windows NT 4.0 was the first to implement the new NT kernel and was actually released in 1996 with the name Windows 95 user interface.

However, if we talk about the Windows 7 and Windows XP which was released in 2001, XP is synonymous with experience. This experience lasted all the way to 2007 when the tech giant Microsoft launched Windows Vista.

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According to Microsoft, Vista got its name because “At the end of the day … they’re trying to get their own Vista staff.” It was very philosophical of Microsoft but finally moved to a simpler approach with Windows 7.

Windows 7 is the seventh version of Windows since the 95. Although 95 was not the first version of Windows if they count 1.0 to 3.1. But, Windows 10 simply does not have the same cycle. In addition, people can get confused with Mac OS 10.

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