Here Is How Google, Microsoft And Apple Make Money

Here Is How Google, Microsoft And Apple Make Money

Here Is How Google, Microsoft And Apple Make Money

How much money does your favorite company earn per second? While you read that, possibly Google, Microsoft, Apple or some other company, insurance already made a good pile of money; But to know more accurate data, a very interesting chart shows us.

Three technology giants: Apple, Google, and Microsoft. Each of them has a main occupation, but all of them have a very high income. Some more than others, but in the end many millions of dollars.

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They compete directly and indirectly in various segments of the technology market. In this way, we see how Apple does with Google in terms of smartphones with different operating systems, and Apple with Microsoft in the eternal struggle between Windows or OS X, to give a few examples.

But what we are going to try is to explain what are the products of these three tech giants that make them to more money. That is, what are their most successful products and that make them gain the most benefits by the end of the year.

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All three have been shopping over the years that have taken them in another direction from which they mainly caught. For example, earlier Google bought Motorola Mobility to enter the world of smartphone production, Apple launches products beyond the Mac and Microsoft has expanded its field of action in different areas.

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It is clear that Apple has always wanted to innovate and has been reflecting over the years. With the return of Steve Jobs to the company, the company returned to be what it was when they made it abandoned. New products and new services were what had in mind that already gone genius for bite apple lovers.

Most of its income comes from the products it created out of nothing Jobs a few years ago: the iPhone and the iPad. Do not leave aside another of the great products, the iPod, which also contributes, to a lesser extent, but is also present. In addition, Apple has been doing business around iTunes and its software, iOS, and OSX, which represents a good peak in its total revenue.

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As iPhone contributes almost 63% to revenue, iPad and iMac 10% and 11% respectively, now if we talk about accessories that Apple provides is simply contributes 5% of revenue. While the services like the Apple Music, iTunes, iCloud all together generate 11% revenue.


How far away is the idea that Google is just a search engine for pages on the Internet? A few years ago, the only revenue that the Mountain View company received was from advertising. This could be read in its 2011 annual report, which emphasized that “advertising revenue makes up 97% of our revenues in 2009 and 96% of our revenues in 2010 and 2011.”

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The tech giant Google then bought Motorola with the intention of making this change and begin to diversify its sources of income, but eventually sold the company to Lenovo, so it is expected that things will return to their channel and most of Google’s revenue will return To proceed from advertising. But, currently Google earns 88% of its revenue from Adwords, 11% from the Pixel line smartphones and the remaining 1% it makes from its services like Google Fiber, Nest, Verily.


The company which is founded by Bill Gates has been dynamizing its products and the way to sell them. In this way, we find that it has many segments in which it is present. Now, its revenues mostly come from software products, such as Windows, Office and enterprise software.

Microsoft’s business is dominated by enterprise software and services. The software licenses for companies account for almost half of Microsoft’s revenue. On the other hand, the consumers stand out Windows OEM licenses (those included with computers), Office for home and small business users, and Windows Phone.

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In addition, Microsoft also gains benefits from Xbox hardware and Xbox Live subscriptions, Surface products, and PC accessories such as keyboards and mice. It also gets money from Windows Phone, Xbox and online advertising services (mostly from Bing), and premium subscriptions to Office 365.

However, the tech giant Microsoft generates 28% of revenue from Microsoft Office, 22% of revenue from the Windows Server and Windows Azure, 11% of revenue from the Xbox division, 9% of revenue from Windows Operating system, 7% of revenue from Bing and 5% of revenue from other advertising services. While if we talk about the remaining 18% revenue, then let me make it clear that the remaining 18% revenue is been actually classified as ‘Others by Visual Capitalist’.

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