5 Things You Would Never Believe Hackers Could Do

5 Things You Would Never Believe Hackers Could Do

5 Things You Would Never Believe Hackers Could Do

5 Things You Would Never Believe Hackers Could Do: If movies are to be believed, hackers can hack almost everything according to their will. Connected devices, from telephones to cars to Wi-Fi routers all of them which bring convenience into our daily lives can be hacked.

All of the recent incidences in hacking fields have created a tremendous havoc that proofs that, hackers can do anything from anywhere. Here in this article we are going to explore 5 things you would never believe hackers could actually do

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5 Things You Would Never Believe Hackers Could Do

1) Controlling The Brake Of Your Car

Security researchers at the University of Washington and the University of California have explained that smart cars with a computer on board are at tremendous risk of being hacked.

Scientists were able to control two vehicles and operate more than a dozen functions while the cars were on the move, among them the selective brake on each of the wheels and even turning off the engine completely.

More terrifying is that once they were able to control the cars, the driver’s actions were totally ignored: the pedals, wheels, and buttons didn’t answer anymore. Experts are predicting that the future of car theft will be a shared venture, with hackers selling their services to thieves, providing the GPS location of the car, unlocking the door and remotely starting the way for them to drive.

2) Control a nuclear power plant

When Scott Lunsford, an IBM Internet Security System researcher, told the owners of a US nuclear power plant that he could hack the system over the internet, they laughed in his face. They said he could not do that, Which was “impossible”. So they went looking for the word “haughtiness” in the dictionary while Lunsford hacked the whole system. His team took less than a day to infiltrate and less than a week to have full control over the plant. Lunsford said it was “one of the easiest invasion tests” he had ever done.

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3) Use Your computer as a ‘Double Sided Mirror’

Hackers can control the webcam to spy on you. Webcam developers are aware of the problem. Companies like Logitech are already tailoring their webcams with privacy shields to protect users against unwanted access.

4) Money Split At ATM

At Black Hat, a technical security conference last year, Barnaby Jack, director of security research at IOActive Labs, wanted to demonstrate how easy it was to hack a couple of ATMs. He did not have to open the machine or make a withdrawal. He did everything remotely, using only a laptop and a program called Jackpot. When it was over, a little tune played on their speakers, the word “jackpot” flashed across the screen, and the boxes began spitting notes all over the place.

5) Stop Your Heart

In some devices such as an implanted defibrillator – which resuscitates the heart in case it stops – hackers can remotely shut down the system and wait for you to die. Diabetes implants such as ampoules of insulin have proven to be another risk: when hackers gain access to this system, they can mess up the levels injected into the body, which, again, can have fatal consequences.

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These are the five things you would never believe hackers could actually do. If we missed out anything, then share with us in the comments below.

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