Antivirus Tools Are Useless, Says Google’s Senior Security Engineer

Antivirus Tools Are Useless, Says Google's Senior Security Engineer

Antivirus Tools Are Useless, Says Google’s Senior Security Engineer

Security in operating systems is a paramount issue. Operating systems such as Linux or iOS are practically free of viruses, while Android, on the other hand, is a fairly secure system but can be violated if applications are installed that give access to sensitive parts of the system.

Windows is the operating system in the focus of most virus writers because it is the most vulnerable system. Almost all Windows users have ever experienced a virus on their computer for a variety of reasons.

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These viruses can sneak in without even notifying you, and after all “have a good antivirus” that many people suggest and echoed on several occasions the best there are based on their level of protection, performance, and ease of use.

Change the objective of protection against viruses

Despite this, one of Google’s chief security engineers, Darren Bilby, has stated that antiviruses are not as effective as we thought and that security tool makers should focus their efforts on things that are really going to make a difference. Change for users, without having to resort to what has been referred to as ‘magic’.

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At Kiwicon X, a hacking conference, Bilby has asked security experts to focus their efforts on systems that improve intrusion detection to minimize attack base and filter applications that are 100% secure, as Google does on Android. Operating system vendors blame users when they become infected, but it’s really the fault of the security elements of the operating system.

Accusations against Windows Defender

It is true that operating systems like Windows have improved their security in recent years, but it is still far from perfect. Windows 10 includes Windows Defender by default, and it is activated if we do not have any third-party antivirus installed. The moment we have another installed, Windows Defender is disabled.

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These allegations come a week after Kaspersky accused Microsoft of being abusive to third-party anti-virus, trying to persuade users of the operating system to use Windows Defender and not use third-party tools.

The Russian anti-virus firm has already contacted the European authorities to decide whether this practice by Microsoft infers a monopolistic behavior and does not favor competition.

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