Russian Hackers Stole Secret NSA Data With The Help Of Kaspersky

Russian Hackers Stole Secret NSA Data With The Help Of Kaspersky

Russian Hackers Stole Secret NSA Data With The Help Of Kaspersky

In the last months have come so much news of hacking that practically nothing surprises us. According to many reports, Russia is trying to hack into the whole world, be it the United States, Europe or any other nation that goes against its geopolitical interests. Now, it has been learned that Russia obtained data and tools from the NSA in 2015.

A worker was happy to take confidential information home

The hack was not made to the NSA itself, but to one of its workers. Among the information they obtained are tools to penetrate foreign computer networks and to protect themselves from hacking, in what could be one of the largest data leaks of the NSA till to the date, and one of the most serious of recent years.

Specifically, the worker had an excellent idea of taking home all this information and enter it on your computer. The Washington Post claimed that the employee had worked in the Tailored Access Operations unit of the NSA, an elite hacking unit, and was fired in 2015. Another NSA worker who took confidential information home is now at the waiting to be tried.

Now we know why the United States has banned using Kaspersky

This information has been in the hands of the United States for some months. Apparently, the worker had installed Kaspersky on his personal computer, and this would be the reason why the United States has banned the use of Kaspersky in the country on suspicion that they may be collaborating with the Russian government. Kaspersky Labs has sharply denied these allegations and has proposed to the United States to revise the program code to show that there is nothing to do what they say.

What could have happened is that Russia, which knows the Kaspersky code, could have exploited security breaches in it to enter the worker’s computer. Thus, Kaspersky is currently banned on federal networks in the United States, and the Senate could pass a law to ban it on a general level in all government agencies.

This data leak would be the most serious of the NSA since Edward Snowden unveiled in 2013 all covert espionage operations conducted by the NSA. In addition, the fact that it has been Russia leaves in very bad place to the United States, which has in the country presided by Putin the biggest enemy in cyberspace.

All the hacks that Russia has been perpetuating in the last two years may have originated in this data, in which they supposedly obtained more than 1,300 tools. This is why there should never be backdoors in either the hardware or the software that we use, as well as tools that take advantage of those failures because they will fall at some point in bad hands.

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