JETBeam E40R LUMINUS SST40 LED Flashlight USB Powered

JETBeam E40R LUMINUS SST40 LED Flashlight USB Powered

JETBeam E40R LUMINUS SST40 LED Flashlight USB Powered

Electric power is a fundamental resource for our lives since all the artifacts that we use in our daily life would not work without it. But there are times when electricity fails and we are paralyzed, and even more so if it is at night.

That’s why we must take precautions and get some good flashlight. Flashlights are very useful tools for any type of emergency or contingency, they provide us with the necessary light in the dark.

But as always you must seek personal growth and advance to excellence, you do not have to buy any flashlight, you must buy an LED flashlight. With this new technology in the field of lanterns, you can enjoy a very strong light. And the best part is that you will save a lot of money on batteries.

Now, for you to understand everything, we will explain in this guide what LED lights are and what they are for. These are small portable lamps that can be carried even in a pocket, depending on the model. There are versions of all sizes, from small flashlights the size of a ballpoint pen to very large LED lights with the ability to illuminate a full street.

LED technology is new in the sense that it has a higher performance, provides great brightness and light power, and spends less energy than other previous technologies. This brings us an advantage, in addition to greater lighting, that the batteries of the flashlight last much longer. Efficiency and economy are characteristics that define LED flashlights.

Hence, today I will present an amazing flashlight which will help you in emergency situations flawlessly, yes, I am talking about ETBeam E40R LUMINUS SST40 LED Flashlight which is USB Powered.

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Main Features:-

● Applied SST – 40 N4 BC LED with max output 1150 lumens

● Use mineral glass with double-sided coating, professional aluminum alloy reflector, new and professional electroplating technology

● Adopts high efficient digital constant current circuit, with max running time of 270h

● With IC digital circuit design of double protection of LED and battery to maximize the life of LED and battery

● Single short press to cycle through high, mid, low and ultra-low mode

● Double press to exchange between turbo and strobe mode

● Built-in micro USB charging interface for convenient and safe usage. The green indicator will be on when the battery is fully charged

● Aero-grade aluminum from single tube ensures top durability and use type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish

● Free stainless steel bezel protects key parts on the head

● IPXX-8 waterproof ( submersible up to 2m ) and 1m impact-resistant

● Comes with cooling ring ensures efficient and speed heat dissipation in all directions

● A 3.7V 3400mAh 18650 battery is included ( installed in the flashlight ) to power the light

So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab now one for you at a special discount.

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