5 Simple Ways To Make Your SD Card Data Hack-Proof

5 Simple Ways To Make Your SD Card Data Hack-Proof

5 Simple Ways To Make Your SD Card Data Hack-Proof

5 Simple Ways To Make Your SD Card Data Hack-Proof: With the improvement of technology, we have become usual to carry all our data and things that we like or need. It is no longer essential to charge the notebook when we can carry things on an SD or microSD memory card and use it with the mobile or tablet to watch movies, read books, listen to music or carry information and programs that we use at work or in class.

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The problem is that right now everything runs the danger of being pirated, even mobile phones, so the best thing to prevent rather than regret is to take a series of measures and strengthen the security of SD card. How? In this way:

5 Simple Ways To Make Your SD Card Data Hack-Proof


The first and most valuable thing you can do is directly a backup since in case the card is physically damaged or someone pirates the device and want to erase it we will have an alternative copy to be able to get hold of. By putting the card in the PC and a backup will not take too long and you will have that extra protection.

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Password protection

To prevent someone from accessing data that is not yours, the first and most basic security mechanism is a password. You can protect the SD card with a password and thus prevent you from erasing the data or use it in your nonexistence. For this, there are many apps available in Google Play and the App Store, such as Folder Lock which allows you to protect under password any data that is on the memory card.

Encrypt the card

More superior than a password is to directly encrypt the SD card because it makes the data become ‘invisible’ by hiding them with an encryption system. This can be done on a PC, but most mobiles nowadays come with options to encrypt the external card and the phone. It is best that you encrypt the entire card and not only a part, this way nobody will be able to obtain the data unless you have the code.

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Enable write protection

On SD cards you will have noticed that some have a mini side flap on one side. What is it for? To enable/disable the write protection of the card itself. By leaving it on we will be protecting it, since nobody will be able to write – and therefore not erase – nor a single data, they can only be read but not modified. If someone wants to modify the data will have to physically move the tab.

Avoid Physical Damage

If you are willing to keep your SD card hack-proof, it’s also important to keep it away from any physical damage like water, fire. Although, your SD card will be of no use if it’s damaged. So, protecting your SD card actually make some sense.

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These are the 5 simple ways to make your SD card data hack-proof. Hope you liked the article! share it as much as possible.

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