How To Properly Clean Your Smartphone From Dirt

How To Properly Clean Your Smartphone From Dirt

How To Properly Clean Your Smartphone From Dirt

How To Properly Clean Your Smartphone From Dirt: We must admit that smartphones have become our most loyal partners. Whether it’s the latest model or not, we have a unique relationship with our mobiles. They have become very valuable and to lengthen their lifespan, it is very important to take good care of them.

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We always like to put our smartphone in a beautiful shell to protect them from shocks, but this isn’t sufficient to remove the dust and especially the fingerprints that accumulate on it. As a result, we find ourselves cleaning our smartphone’s screen every two minutes. We often take what comes to hand, a handkerchief, a rag, a piece of T-shirt. However, there is a method to properly clean your smartphone and we are going to describe it.

The material needed for a good cleaning

To properly clean your smartphone you need to have several tools at your disposal.

  • Microfiber fabric, you may have received with your smartphone. Otherwise, you can also use the cloth of your glasses or a chamois leather.
  • A cloth to put the cleaning product on it.
  • Water, isopropyl alcohol, cleaning fluid for windows or special cleaning fluid for electronic devices.

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How to clean your smartphone?

The first thing to do is to look at the protection rating of your smartphone. If it is resistant to water or even splash, then cleaning will be easier. But for those who do not have waterproof smartphones, we advise you to go gently with the cleaning fluid and not to put the latter directly on the smartphone.

Turn off your smartphone. This prevents it from reigniting and making a false direction and also gives the clear view of fingerprints and dust.

Soak the rag of the liquid you have chosen and slide it into circles on the smartphone screen. If your smartphone has a glass back, do not forget it and do the same.

Once dry, now pass the microfiber cloth in the same way.

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Here is your smartphone is all beautiful, and to avoid doing this again several times a week you can put your smartphone in a protective case. As far as fingerprints are concerned, there are a lot of screen protections that can significantly reduce traces.

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