Here’s Why The iPhone Is Better Than Android

Here's The List Of Reasons Why An iPhone Is Better Than An Android Phone

Here’s The List Of Reasons Why An iPhone Is Better Than An Android Phone

There may be much more Android phones, but their main disadvantage is that none of them is an iPhone. The Apple phone continues to fall in love with millions of users and new iPhone 8 and iPhone X are profiled as one of the best gifts for Christmas 2017. At Techcaption we will review the reasons why an iPhone is better than any Android phone.

The first generation of the iPhone was launched on June 20, 2007. That original iPhone revolutionized the industry at all levels, and since then almost all manufacturers have copied in one way or another the Apple phone, which for the first time put the service of the general public a mobile with all kinds of benefits and a premium design.

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Android accumulates more market share globally, but that does not automatically mean that mobile phones using Google’s mobile operating system are better. In fact, in a market as mature as Japan, the iPhone is the real king, sales leader every year and with an unattainable quota for Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry.

The story goes back to 2004 when Apple put about 1,000 employees working on a secret plan called “Purple Project” to develop a high-end smartphone that would forever change mobile telephony.

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Before the launch of the iPhone, the mobile market was dominated by BlackBerry devices, Windows Mobile and Symbian, but the landing of Apple ended the “perfect segmentation”, a kind of monopoly between manufacturers who designed terminals aimed at a very public type specific, which turned into mobile phones that sometimes did not carry a camera, or were unable to play music or install the few video games that existed then.

The iPhone put at the service of the general public a terminal with high specifications and a touch of exclusivity – not too cheap – that captivated millions of people around the world. It was the first time we could see how hundreds of people spent a night out in the open to become the first to buy a mobile phone or, rather, an iPhone.

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Since then, Apple has continued to bet on the iPhone for the mobile phone market as a high-end smartphone with remarkable performance, outstanding camera and some features that make it a better option to buy it before any Android.

If you are not convinced the arguments in this list you can always see the reasons why it is better to buy an iPhone before an Android phone, but above all, we would like to hear your opinion in this debate, why do you prefer one or the other?

1. Most exclusive design

The tech giant Apple forever changed the look of mobile phones with its iPhone, a terminal designed public of all kinds that in one way or another have tried to copy the rest of manufacturers.

2. The convenience of updating on iOS

Updating the mobile phone’s operating system can be a dream or a nightmare. And at this point, it is quite meridian who wins because Apple’s policy is to reach the largest number of users in the shortest possible time.

3. A malware-proof system

Security is another reason why an iPhone is better than an Android mobile since iOS is much more secure than the operating system developed under Google’s umbrella (ANdroid).

4. Apple Technical Support

The service is another reason why an iPhone is better than any Android mobile. Although more and more are venturing to buy Chinese mobile phones with specifications of vertigo at a low price, today most of the public is looking for a mobile of guarantees. And at that point, Apple’s technical service is literally unbeatable.

5. Highest residual value

Buying an iPhone instead of an Android phone usually means a much more profitable investment in economic terms. The cheap at the end usually comes out very expensive. The Apple devices are more expensive as a rule that devices running Google’s operating system similar benefits, but the difference is that the iPhone will depreciate much more slowly.

6. Exclusive and optimized applications

Although Android boasts a much larger market share, some applications still come first to the App Store earlier than Google Play.

They usually arrive earlier and do it better, although the differences have been cut in recent times. A few years ago, the exclusivity of some apps and their best design was a sufficient reason to buy an iPhone before an Android mobile.

7. Simplicity and extras: camera, iTunes, 3D Touch

The vast majority of people are looking for a simple mobile phone to talk, browse the Internet, browse Facebook, send Whatsapp or write emails. For all those functions it is as valid an iPhone as an Android, but the Apple terminal stands out for its ease of use.

But in addition to offering a very neat interface capable of falling in love with anyone, another reason to buy an iPhone before an Android is its extraordinary performance in some sections. The camera of an iPhone is always among the best on the market, and the smartphone is a delight to play podcasts, video calls or when using with other Apple devices.

The camera is one of the main aspects when it comes to choosing a mobile phone, and there the iPhone hardly has rivals in the form of the higher end terminals of Samsung, Sony or LG. But in addition, Apple usually incorporates to the technology that later replicates other manufacturers.

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