Vivo Xplay 7 To Feature 10GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 4K Display!

Vivo Xplay 7 To Feature 10GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 4K Display!

Vivo Xplay 7 To Feature 10GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 4K Display!

Vivo Xplay 7 To Feature 10GB RAM, 512GB Storage, 4K Display!: If we talk about the most competitive smartphone market, without any doubt, Chinese Smartphone market is the most competitive one where local manufacturers are frequently playing the game of specifications.

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So, in the Chinese smartphone market, who has more RAM, more Storage, more cores in the CPU Stands out. The latest rumor hints that Vivo Xplay 7 would have no less than 10GB of RAM, being the first in the world to have such a capacity.

The latest reports from Chinese social networking platform Weibo says that Vivo Xplay 7 would feature a massive 10GB of RAM. Apart from all of these, the renders of the upcoming smartphone have been shared as well.

Source: Weibo

Source: Weibo

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If we talk about the specifications, Vivo’s alleged new smartphone would bring an insane list. To begin with, it would feature the Snapdragon 845 chipset, the most powerful chipset ever manufactured by Qualcomm.

According to the rumor, there would be versions with 256GB and 512GB of local space, and those would only have 10 GB of RAM. So we can imagine that there would also be simpler versions with less space and less memory available.

Speaking of storage, Vivo Xplay 7 again would be the first smartphone with 512GB of storage in the market. Right now, only Samsung produces the flash memory of such capacity in a single module. So, it’s expected that the supposed device will use Korean memories if it actually has a version with such huge capacity.

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Another impressive detail of the supposed new cell phone is the resolution of your screen. It would bring a 4K display with thin edges around to a market where manufacturers struggle to do the same with 2K screens.

The specifications may be exaggerated in some respects, but it is possible that some of them actually materialize in the hands of Vivo. The 10GB of RAM is completely unnecessary, but considering there are already 8GB models in the Chinese market, maybe this will help with marketing.

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