Apple’s iPhone X’s Face ID Beaten By Mask

Apple's iPhone X's Face ID Beaten By Mask

Apple’s iPhone X’s Face ID Beaten By Mask

Apple’s iPhone X’s Face ID Beaten By Mask: In recent times, we have seen Apple launched the latest iPhone X which have the end-to-end screen and drastic change in design. If we talk about the features of all new iPhone X, one of the main attractions of Apple iPhone X is Face ID.

Face ID is the biometric recognition technology that had replaced the Touch ID. The feature when announced was highly praised, especially in terms of security. However, the Face ID of Apple is not that safe as you think it was already being defeated without any effort by identical twins.

Recently, the researchers from a Vietnam-based security firm Bkav have tested the security of Face ID. The security firm has made a custom mask with the help of 3D printing and with some special processing done around the face and cheeks.

The nose and the Skin used in the 3D mask are hand-made. All of this was done to bypass the Face ID technology which uses the 3D depth sensing to analyze the facial structure of a user.

With the help of the 3D mask, the security firm has managed to bypass the Face ID technology. Apple claims that no mask can fool the Face ID feature. However, this mask clearly indicates that Apple needs to do more research on Face ID technology.

The security firm further said that the facial recognition features are still “not mature enough to guarantee security for computers and phones”.

For more details, you need to read out the Bkav’s Q&A.

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