This 16-Year-Old Indian Boy Gets Dream Job At Google For Rs 1.44 Cr

This 16-Year-Old Indian Boy Gets Dream Job At Google For Rs 1.44 Cr

This 16-Year-Old Indian Boy Gets Dream Job At Google For Rs 1.44 Cr

If someday you get a job offer from the tech giant Google, will you reject it? Of course, the answer is “No”. It is very simple and clear that who will not work for the tech firm like Google? Maximum people have the dream to work for Google. But, here let me pause your dream, as getting a job in Google is not so easy, as you have to go through the hard interview process.

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The tech giant Google is one of the top-most tech company in the world which has the ability to understand and shares the feelings of another. However, apart from all these things, the tech giant Google pays its employees very well, yes, here comes one of the main things.

However, a real fortune arrives to a Chandigarh student from India, who got a job offer from the tech giant Google, yes, the student has been hired by the tech giant Google. But, guess what is the most interesting thing about his selection? Actually, this Indian student was hired by Google at a huge annual salary of Rs 1.44 crore ($2,24,699), isn’t it huge!

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This Lucky 16-year-old Indian Student, Harshit Sharma who is a residence of Mathana in Kurukshetra and has completed Class 12 from Government Model Senior Secondary school from Chandigarh will soon fly to the United States of America at the call of the tech giant Google for a training curriculum and a job.

Here is what the Harshit Sharma stated “I kept searching for jobs online, I applied for this job in May, and was interviewed online. I have been interested in graphic designing for the past 10 years. I was selected on the basis of the posters I designed.” Yes, Harshit will soon join the graphic designing team of the tech giant Google.

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According to the reliable sources initially after joining the company Harshit will get training for about a year and during that training period, he will get a salary of R. 4 lakh per month ($6,250).

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