Bitcoin Is Better Than GOLD And DOLLARS: Steve Wozniak

Bitcoin Is Better Than GOLD And DOLLARS: Steve Wozniak

Bitcoin Is Better Than GOLD And DOLLARS: Steve Wozniak

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of the tech giant Apple, recently stated that the most used and valuable cryptocurrency, of course, Bitcoin is better than gold and USD (Dollars).

Because it has a fixed supply, while that feature it is uncertain in the precious metal and even the dollar is bound to fail due to centralized government control and the quantity, as the government can at any time print new notes and make them available in the market which will simply decrease the value of the currency.

This was reported by Deirdre Bosa for CNBC. Actually, the interview was about Artificial Intelligence, but the issue of cryptocurrencies soon came up, with Wozniak commenting that fiat money is rather “false”, because the government can always print more for political reasons as I told earlier. Instead, Bitcoin is scheduled to issue only 21 million coins, which, in his opinion, makes it more genuine.

In addition, in relation to gold, Wozniak commented that this is not necessarily scarce because they can always invent new ways of extracting it from the earth and the exact amount that exists on the planet is unknown.

However, recently, Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple has revealed last Wednesday during a conference at the Nordic Business Forum held in Stockholm (Sweden) that in the autumn of last year he decided to sell all the bitcoins he had, informs Nordic Business Insider.

The American businessman said that he entered the world of cryptocurrency in the summer of 2016 when the price of a bitcoin was approximately $700. He said he did it because he was interested in ‘blockchain’ technology and not in cryptocurrency itself.

“When the price of Bitcoin rises, I do not think I want to be one of the people who care about numbers all day, and I do not want to worry about these things in my life.” In the conversation, Wozniak responded: “Part of my happiness comes from not worrying, so I sold all the Bitcoins and got rid of them.”

Wozniak also said that he had thought that Bitcoin would be a very important means of payment, but that he did not want to worry about paying attention to prices.

However, last year, when the cryptocurrency reached a value close to $20,000, Wozniak decided to sell the bitcoins he owned. “When the bitcoin went up, I thought I did not want to become one of those people who look at how their value has changed all the time, I do not want that in my life,” he said.

Wozniak did not specify how many bitcoins he had at the time he decided to sell them. In any case, even if at the time he had bought only a few, the benefits would have been tens of thousands of dollars.

On January 8, the value of cryptocurrency was reduced by 100,000 million in what has been called ‘Crypto Massacre’. On the other hand, bitcoin and ethereum saw their value reduced by approximately 15% and 35%, respectively. Currently, the value of the bitcoin is trading at $11,000.

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