Block Your Schedule For Best Block Games Online

Block Your Schedule For Best Block Games Online

Block Your Schedule For Best Block Games Online

Do you love playing games on your phone or tablet? Have you been searching for the right game to occupy your time? The block game is a classic.

It’s been around for decades, but it’s still just as fun today as it was back then. This post is all about the best bubble shooter games on the internet.

You’re sure to find something that makes your thumbs happy. If you’ve never played a block game before, have no fear! The goal of this type of game is pretty simple: form shapes with the blocks. It sounds easy in theory, but it can take some practice to get skilled at these games. 

If so, then this article is perfect for you, as you will find the best online block puzzle games. There are many different games out there, and you’ll find the best ones below.


Block Champ

Block Champ is a game filled with challenges. Firstly, you must stay away from the lightning bolts because they act as multipliers, meaning you can get many points while they are in place.

On the other hand, ice cubes need to be cleared before clearing out blocks, but these cubes will not leave until they melt away. Made by Arkadium, this game tries to keep you engaged by changing things up and requires analysis of your moves so that you can clear more lines at once!


Block Puzzle Games By MPL

Play block puzzle games curated by MPL as they are a must-try. The main objective is to fill the gaps and clear the lines to score points. You must clear multiple lines together to score points, but the game ends when your stack of blocks reaches the top.

Time yourself with engaging players and compete against others using a scoring system that rewards you for clearing more lines with fewer moves. Swipe down to get the ‘Blocks’ faster at the bottom or tap on the screen to cycle through them without losing time while you wait at the bottom of your stack.

Tap and slide left or right to move across rows and columns so that you can quickly fill in all these lines! Moreover, you get to choose your favorite game among a plethora of different games on the platform

Here, you can win exciting rewards and cash prizes and participate in several monthly and weekly tournaments. Block Puzzle Games curated by MPL is your daily dose of entertainment where you can relax and earn at the same time!



You may already know Tetris, and this new hip, classic version may be a bit old hat. But to those who need a refresher or haven’t clue what this is. It is one of the first Block Puzzle games, which means that you have to complete lines with blocks placed on the playing field (like any good puzzle game).

The nice thing about this particular Block Puzzle game is that you can choose from more than 20 additional fun characters that vary in speed. The longer you keep vacating the spaces on the field (no empty spaces), the more you’ll earn points which can then be used to purchase new characters or other extras for your gaming pleasure. This game is available for both iPhone and Android devices and Kindle Fire & Mac devices.

The more time users keep themselves in the game, the more points they earn. A multiplayer version of Tetris also exists – this requires players to mount each other as penalties for staying longer in the game!


Jigsaw Epic Puzzle

A puzzle game with a few twists. Play different puzzles every day that feature your favorite/most popular images! It is a jigsaw game with thousands of pieces that are all photographs. Scenically, you will be solving fun pictures featuring picturesque landscapes worldwide, wonders of the world, etc. It has 4 difficulty settings where you can solve a super fun and addicting jigsaw puzzle for 625 pieces!

You can even create puzzles using your photograph collection! Furthermore, it keeps track of how many puzzles you’ve solved so that you can continue to build up your collection by using hints if you get stuck at any point or solve easier puzzles to reach your next goal in a higher difficulty! Finally, there are multiple different levels and difficulties to exploring the app.


Block Hexa Puzzle

Appreciate a good puzzle? Then Block Hexa Puzzle is the game for you! Solve unique and difficult puzzles while avoiding the blockages of hexagonal pieces. It sounds easier than it is to put together, but with no time limit to challenge you at every turn, this game isn’t as stressful as it seems! Improve your spatial reasoning skills as you strive to achieve higher and higher scores!

Blocks come in different shapes and sizes, so it’s more difficult than it looks. However, once you complete the game, you’ll get the satisfaction of solving the puzzle! Collect pieces as you progress through the levels – avoid other hexagonal blocks on your way to completing your mission within stages. There are no time limits in this game, so feel free to play for as long as you like!


Unblock Me Free

One of the most popular block-sliding games available on the Android platform with more than 40,000 puzzles to choose from across various difficulty levels. Owing to the Unblock Me “free to play mode,” you can chill out and have fun solving puzzles at your own pace.

Alternatively, challenge yourself to get the best time possible in the Challenge Mode or enjoy discovering new strategies as you progress from one level to the next in Arcade Mode. Unblock Me is unlike any other puzzle game you’ve played that not only helps you kill some time and melt away stress but also improves your cognitive skills.

Final Words

Block games are a tap into your brain’s exercising potential, and with them, you’re improving your motor skills. Play these games, and soon you’ll become an expert in problem-solving! Puzzle games can be very therapeutic too.

Additionally, it’s fun, which is why it makes for a great pastime activity anytime, whether you play alone or with friends and family. Block puzzles are addictive, easy, and just plain enjoyable, besides, they help adults and children alike to become better people, so if you’re looking for a new hobby or need something productive to do during the weekend – this one’s for you!

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