What are the best and most addicting Android games in the USA?

What are the best and most addicting Android games in the USA?

What are the best and most addicting Android games in the USA?

These days you can play video games wherever you want. It can be on your gaming consoles like Xbox, PlayStation, or even your mobile phones. We mostly turn to these video games while our morning commutes, to work or anywhere else, or while sitting in our homes when we have nothing else to do (or a lot to do it’s just procrastination). All this is possible due to the strong internet connections that we have today. 

As the internet service providers have upped their internet quality, along with their customer services, the user experiences have gone up a notch. Such as a Mediacom user having the access to call on Mediacom customer service number to have any complaint sorted instantly. This helps the provider keep a check on their services so that they can always evaluate the weak aspects. 

When it comes to gaming, there are always some games that everyone gets hooked to at one point or another, as they are so addictive. So, we have gathered a list here for you that includes the best and most addicting Android games. You will also be able to find them on iOS. 

Candy Crush Saga

There is no list of the best and most addictive games without the infamous candy crush saga.  Candy Crush Saga remains one of the most played games on some platforms. Games full of colorful jewels and sugar caught the attention of millions of players because of their simplicity and never-ending challenges. The simple game brought fortune to its makers and made them into a giant of electronic games.

Pokémon GO

The next on the list comes the game that used augmented reality to help players get out of their homes and catch everyone’s favorite Pokémon’s. Pokémon GO took over the charts overnight in 2016. Players could not stop themselves from going outdoor to catch them all. Not only they could possess a Pokémon but they could go to battels with it for prestige and hit poke shops for supplies. 

Crossy Roads

Crossy Road, this free-to-play game is a step forward to the classic game Frogger. The premise of the game remains the same however this time only with the chicken. It’s a simple family-friendly game where you just have to help a chicken cross the road by hopping it around saving it from any obstacle that comes in its way. There is a variety of unlockable characters giving the game a little twist. It’s the simplicity of this game that has given it the spot on this list.


The creators of crossroads gave us another hit game by reviving the classic arcade game PAC MAN. in no time because of its predecessor this game got enough fame to make this list. The gameplay remains the same as what we’ve seen before this time on a different platform. An endless run around the maze eating pallets and saving yourself from the ghosts. 

Asphalt 9

Ever since the need for speed, everyone loves a good racing game. Next on the list is the latest in a long line of arcade racing games, The free-to-play Asphalt 9 which fairly has the same basic mechanics as its predecessor. With a few little extra things, the game seems to have a massive audience, enough to make the list. You get to unlock tons of supercars with amazing events and levels to play. The game outstands all the competition by its phenomenally realistic graphics for a mobile game. Basic mechanics amazing graphics and a range of supercar has defiantly made Asphalt 9 a Fan’s favorite.

Sonic The Hedgehog 

The saga games did a wonderful job reviving everyone’s favorite hedgehog and bringing it to a new platform. Sonic the hedgehog brings back the classic gameplay and we all know how addicting that was. It has made a very swift transaction the new platform bringing all the characters to it the hedgehog himself, vector man, and the rest of the bosses and a stage full of enemies. This shift from classic to modern has given saga games enough fame to make it to the list.

Plants Vs. Zombies 2

Another mobile classic game. Plants vs Zombie 2 brings together some cute tiny plants to defend the garden against an army of the dead. Each plant has its specialty and in-game purchase gave the plants a chance to defend themselves. The gameplay remains the same as of its predecessor which was received well by the players as the gameplay was already good enough to keep you busy for hours.


PUBG mobile the official version of the famous pc game player unknown’s Battlegrounds has defiantly caught the attention of millions of players around the world. Almost everything that brought fame to the game on PC has now been shifted to the mobile platform. The 100-player battle royal keeps you on your toes the entire time. The game allows you to connect with your friends and form an alliance to fight the remaining 96 players till only one team goes home with the chicken dinner. The games also allow you to make an in-app purchase and customize your avatar and its equipment. PUBG has received incomparable fame because of its easy access and robust online stream.

Wrapping Up

The above is the best yet most addicting games that we have come across till today, and I am sure we all must’ve stumbled upon either of these at one point or another, and can remember all the long hours we poured into the game.

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