This Broken iPhone 4S Costs $149,999 – Here’s Why

If you usually buy things online, you will have visited eBay on some occasion in even participating in your auctions or used the ‘Buy It Now’. There are bargains, curious things and it is the paradise of a collector. But eBay is also a subscriber for the most absurd speculation, and you only had to see how they asked for 300 and 400 euros for a Mini NES that cost €60 when the stock was exhausted and users were desperate looking for one. And like the Mini NES we have many cases, but this takes the palm: $ 149,999 for a broken iPhone 4s.

Buying an Apple iPhone is always a considerable investment, but 142,000 euros to change, a fortune for a lot of people, for a technologically very outdated smartphone (it was released 6 years ago) and that even though it works to be rot, Both the screen and the back cover, is absurd. Why does the hell eBayer ask for such a price? For precisely what is most striking along with the fractures in the glass: For belonging to a super limited edition of Steve Jobs.

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The back panel comes with the redesigned Apple logo for Steve Jobs’s silhouette and a commemorative inscription with his date of birth in 1955 and his date of death in 2011. According to the seller’s description, “This item is only sold for parts and Repair. The item is fully functional and can be used. This phone is 1 of the 56 that were made to pay tribute to the late Steve Jobs”, and to review its authenticity invites users to “check the Apple Authenticity logo for this phone” and to do “research before buying” for Check the history.

The most desired model

When Unfortunately Steve Jobs, the visionary genius who will not be able to see the opening of his Apple Park, died, Hong Kong-based design student Jonathan Ma k designed the limited edition logo as a tribute to Jobs. And this design became an instant hit just right when Apple’s co-founder died. That logo with the name and date became viral, and many companies took the opportunity to reproduce it on unlicensed accessories such as mobile cases, posters.

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The truth is that there was a company called Goldgenie that launched 56 iPhones 4s (Jobs died just the day after the Apple event in which this mobile model was presented) in an ultra limited edition.

There is only one problem for the friend eBayer: that the iPhone 4s that Goldgenie released, and that was given to Apple in 2012 to distribute among its senior executives, and those are a limited edition with a glass and gold back panel. And the auction on eBay is black.

Steve Jobs iPhone

Steve Jobs iPhone

Is this one of the 56 most wanted iPhone by an Apple collector? NO resounding, because what this vendor tries to cast is an absurdly expensive fake. In fact, it is one of the forgeries that gained boom in the black market during 2011 just when the commemorative logo of Jobs became viral, and that they sell for 10-15 dollars at the moment. The only remaining question is whether eBayer was aware of this, or really believed to have one of the most limited smartphones in the world. Unfortunately, we will never know the answer, because the phone auction has been withdrawn.

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