How To Create Messenger Bot For Your Facebook Page In 10 Minutes

The Facebook Messenger bots were announced by Mark Zuckerberg a few months ago. Now you can create one quickly and easily with Bosify, and without having any idea of computer programming. Your bot will sponsor for you the messages whoever come to your Facebook page.

1: Create your Facebook page and app

In order to create a Facebook Messenger bot, you must first have a page and an app. The bots are designed for businesses, companies, and platforms, not for personal use, so you can only create one if you have a page on Facebook.

Facebook apps can be created through your developer page. If you have a page, you already have one available. If not, you can go to this address and register.

The app must be for Facebook Canvas. Once you have it created, you must add Product, specifically Messenger and Webhook, the two tools that will link your Bot with your Facebook page.

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The possibility of creating a Facebook app for yourself is a clear commitment by the social network to Facebook Platform, one of the latest initiatives of the multinational.

2: Sign in and sign up on the Botsify website

Botsify is the wizard that will help you create your own Facebook bot. You must register and log in to the service. Botsify is a service that you will have to use constantly if you want to keep your bot up to date, so it is best to set a password that is easy to remember.

Act as a manager. Once you have your Messenger bot created and active, it will be in Botsify where you will configure it and modify it as contingencies arise.

It is a platform totally free and with online technical service. You can consult any doubt via chat, without further intermediaries.

3: Get your Facebook ID and access token

In order to continue the process, you will need to have your Facebook app ID pointed to. Appears in the application settings within Facebook for Developers. The simplest thing is to copy it to the clipboard because it will consist of a rather extensive series of numbers.

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The other two data you need are the access token and the secret key. At first, you can access from the Messenger tab within Facebook for Developers. There you have to select your Facebook page in the box. The token will be generated automatically.

The secret key must be set by yourself. You will need to enter it when you are ready to create your bot in a definitive way by clicking on Create Application within Botsify.

4: Create your Facebook Messenger bot

Once you have filled in all the fields within the section of Create Application in Botsify, you can now give your bot a green light. It will be automatically connected to your Facebook page using the ID and access token.

In the post-creation window, Botsify gives you two options: delete or activate it. In this case, you have to use the blue button to enjoy your Messenger bot.

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But before that, the Webhook provided by Botsify must paste it in the Webhooks section of Facebook for developers. It is the last step to link Artificial Intelligence to your Facebook page. You will see a Completed icon in green color.

Between Webhook, ID and Token, they make the connection between your bot and the Facebook App. Without these three codes, the bot would be useless to not having the Facebook form to know that it exists and that is yours.

5: Make sure your Messenger bot works

Once it has been successfully activated, the bot will be available on the page you have created on Facebook. Must go there to send a message. If everything went well, it will provide you with an automated response, regardless of the message you send.

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You have not set up your bot, so the interaction with it will be really poor. In fact, the first default message will be system generated. You can then manually enter the preset answers you want.

6: Set up the responses of your Facebook bot

Now comes the most complicated part, which really requires tons of imagination and effort: introduce the responses of your Facebook Messenger bot to the various questions and interactions that may arise.

Botsify offers two types of answers: basic and advanced. It all depends on the type of bot you want to create for your Facebook page. The more complex, the more detailed you should be when it comes to setting it up. To configure advanced answers, it is necessary to have programming knowledge, even if they are basic.

If you want to configure your bot to greet you and little else, you can do it from the basic options.

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But the most important thing is already done. You have your bot created and configured with a welcome message and a default one when you do not understand what you are being told. Even if you do not want to complicate yourself too much, you can leave it so that it informs the visitors that the webmaster is not available.

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