This 16-Year-Old Rejects $6 Million Offer For A Website He Created In His Bedroom

This 16-Year-Old Rejects $6 Million Offer For A Website He Created In His Bedroom..

This 16-Year-Old Rejects $6 Million Offer For A Website He Created In His Bedroom..

The story of Mohammed Ali, a curious name, is so incredibly incredible that, if we do not contextualize it a little, it could quickly pass through a ‘bulk’ of those circulating on the network. Simply saying that a boy of 16 years has just rejected an offer of 5 million pounds (almost $6 Million and Indian currency it is almost Rs. 41,63,79,827) for a website that he has created and is not yet or in operation sounds, as little, crazy. Therefore it is necessary to know Mohammed first.

At just 12 years old, the guy whom the media now praises as “genius” (and rightly so) got bored playing the open-world video games he had available in the online world, not for lack of supply, It would have taken many lives to play at all, if not because they could not satisfy what they were looking for. So he decided to create his own video game by studying Java code through YouTube video tutorials and, when that was not enough, asked his father to bring him some coding books and programming oriented to the topic.

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Young Mohammed dreams of “ending poverty in the world”

Just before his 13th birthday, he presented his game to the world: ‘Project 2006’. In just a few months he had gotten 3,000 players who paid for the full subscription. Before the age of 14, the game had reported 30,000 pounds in profits. He decided to devote himself to developing web pages as a freelance. His astonished parents assert in interviews that “they always knew he was a genius.”

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His millionaire idea is a website, based on ‘Big Data’, whose premise is to be an online financial manager for the general public. Up to this point, Mohammed has competitors. And some quite established in their niche market. What has led London entrepreneurs to believe that their idea is worth no less than 5 million pounds is the fact that it has created an algorithm that is able to provide help and financial advice based on the real-time status of the stock market and Other factors, rather than based on pre-set criteria and updated every X time, as do their competitors.

His reason for rejecting the offer is clear: “If my idea is worth this now before it starts to work, it will be worth much more over the years.” And you’re probably right. The dream of this child? It is none other than that of “ending poverty in the world”, for which it aspires to become a billionaire and to allocate much of that money to social causes. The future philanthropist’s goal in life is to look like Bill Gates, whom he claims to adore.

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