WoW! Google Just Launched A New Play Store

WoW! Google Just Launched A New Play Store

WoW! Google Just Launched A New Play Store

There is a new design of the Google Play Store in operation and it adapts to current times keeping the essence of always but with some new features that we detail below.

For some time the tech giant Google was testing the new design of the Play Store that although it is not that it undergoes a major change, yes that the most retailers and observers will be able to see certain aesthetic changes that are appreciated after so long.

A change demanded are the images of the Google Play Store, which now makes it feel more natural and of higher quality to visualize them, including full screen. In this way, we can enter an application and see the catches to appreciate them with higher quality, to which we must add that now the background darkens a bit. To navigate through them we have a series of arrows on both sides.

Another feature to which we should thank is the new comment section in the Google Play Store. Now they have a dedicated page where we can see all the comments and sort them through a series of filters and even vote the same ones that the other users have made. We can also mark certain comments as spam to help the community identify them.

It seems that the format of numbering of the facilities has also been varied, trying to be somewhat more concise than the current ones, although in a certain way it is still an aspect that, either does not interest or is difficult to polish.

All these changes can be seen in the desktop Play Store, although some minor changes have also been made to the mobile, such as a change in the colour of the background that has gone from grey to white.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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