How To Get Google’s Pixel 2 Like UI Design On Any Android Phone

How To Get Google's Pixel 2 Like UI Design On Any Android Phone

How To Get Google’s Pixel 2 Like UI Design On Any Android Phone

If there is one aspect that we love about Android is personalization, and we should thank it as we have thousands of possibilities to change the appearance of our devices and do not end up being boring.

However, to do so, simply we have many famous launchers, in fact, we have shown you some of the best ones that exist for this most used and popular operating system, of course, Android.

This time we want to talk about Action Launcher, one of the most popular today, reaching practically the level of Nova Launcher, even surpassing it according to some users. We recently watched as Action Launcher included an awesome adaptive icons pack, and now comes with infinite customization for the Google search bar. Let’s go and see it!

The customizable bar of Action Launcher

On October 4 the tech giant Google’s event took place, a presentation in which we saw several devices presented by the tech giant Google itself, including the new Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. We also saw something that caught our attention, and it was the changed position of the mythical search bar.

Traditionally it used to remain at the top of our screen, however, the tech giant Google has changed its mind and decided to integrate it next to the dock. With the new version of Action Launcher, we can now use this bar and customize the color, shape, and shortcuts, as well as insert the weather widget, in short, a pass.

It also offers us the possibility to use the Google-style icons, and customize the search bar so that we make the rounded corners and have a different appearance. Action Launcher v29.0 continues to integrate new updates that bring features of the Pixel and Android Oreo for all those devices that still run Android Lollipop or higher.

The new Action Launcher update is now available for download on Google Play, and the most amazing thing is that it’s completely free.

So, what are you waiting for? Simply click here to download this awesome launcher to get the Google’s Pixel 2 like UI design. If you liked this article then simply do not forget to share this article with your friends family.

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