Google Solves The Security Holes Of Its Store By Paying HACKERS

Google Solves The Security Holes Of Its Store By Paying HACKERS

Google Solves The Security Holes Of Its Store By Paying HACKERS

Among all the solutions that the tech giant Google has been seeking to end the insecurity of the Google Play Store has now found the most classic way: Google takes out the wallet.

A new security program looms over vulnerabilities typically found in the Google Play Store. Since day-to-day news is also emerging on this topic, the tech giant Google has set to work creating the Google Play Security Reward Program.

Google is looking for hackers to try to locate vulnerabilities in applications. Not only because one of the bases to be a hacker is precisely that of discovering security holes to warn them to block them, also because the hackers will receive rewards in cash. Google expects this program to collaborate on improving the store by helping other company-owned systems such as Play Protect.

An independent platform will check the rewards system

Google will not contact hackers directly, but delegate that step in favor of an expert platform in locating errors. HackerOne, which is called this platform, will be in charge of contacting hackers with developers of applications that have security errors. It will also be who values if the hacker deserves a monetary reward for his/her find.

The process of locating errors and later patching has a specific order that no hacker can skip. And the first thing is to contact directly the developer of the app in which the bug has been found. Once said developer confirms that there is an error, and get the patch, will contact HackerOne to recommend the work of who found the hole. HackerOne will in turn contact Google to deliver the prize to them.

It is a way to “get the chestnuts out of the fire” without having to get your hands dirty with ash. Google does not put at risk anything but money, and hackers will offer their services in a more interesting way so that their work will be remunerated. Let’s hope users really notice the security improvement in the Google Play Store.

Google Play Security Reward Program, improving security by check coup

HackerOne does not specifically specify what the different levels of reward are by criteria, but it does give a figure of $1000 for the most critical. Anyone can start already to discover the vulnerabilities of the Google Play Store. Although remember: the first step is always to tell the developer. So, if he did something wrong intentionally, it is likely that you will have no reward: to obtain it the developer must agree that the security contribution helped.

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