This iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test Is A Little Shameful For Apple (Video)

This iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test Is A Little Shameful For Apple (Video)

This iPhone X vs Galaxy Note 8 Speed Test Is A Little Shameful For Apple (Video)

It is the eternal question, which is faster? An iPhone or an Android mobile. Usually it is usually the first, mostly because iOS usually needs less power and resources than Android, and second, because Apple always plays with advantage, launches its new mobile six or seven months after its direct competition.

When we say competition we talk about Qualcomm or Exynos processors. But in this case, a test has revealed that the difference is not so great. In the video that we bring you today, a series of apps are executed successively, to test the performance of the iPhone X and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.

To measure the performance and speed of two devices, there is nothing better than comparing them by doing the same processes. That is exactly what you will see in the next video, where both terminals open a series of applications in the same order. We recommend you watch the whole video since at the end you will have one of the keys to understand which is faster.

In the first batch of applications, we can see how the iPhone X surpasses the Galaxy Note 8 by far. None of these applications closes, or at least this lets us see the system. The iPhone X manages this batch better because it closes applications to be able to continue counting on an optimal performance.

In the second round, we can see how the Galaxy Note 8 takes half the iPhone to go through all applications, which lets us know that Android keeps these applications in the background to access more quickly, something that the iPhone does not It happens with the heaviest applications.

In addition, there will be very few situations in your life where you will open 15 applications one after the other. Where we can see the performance of both devices is to open single applications at once.

There are times when the iPhone is faster, but others where the Samsung exceeds it. In general, we can see that we are facing two terminals with an exemplary performance, but that they see differences in some batches due to the management of the operating system they run.

We can not say that in your day to day the iPhone X is faster than the Galaxy Note 8 since in the normal needs of the users we have two very even terminals that open applications very quickly.

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