Microsoft Was Hacked In 2013, Never Said Anyone

Microsoft Was Hacked In 2013, Never Said Anyone

Microsoft Was Hacked In 2013, Never Said Anyone

Microsoft Was Hacked In 2013, Never Said Anyone: Let’s recall the incidence that happened in the year 2013 when tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Apple were hacked by hackers because of a massive security breach in Java.

At that time, the same hack had affected Microsoft computers, but the company never revealed the fact publicly. However, this is something very serious because the hacked machines had a database that accompanied critical bugs in various software, including Windows.

Hackers had access to vulnerabilities that could be exploited in future attacks, including by government espionage agencies. This report was revealed by The Reuters, which spoke separately with 5 former employees of the Microsoft, they claim that bugs stolen by hackers were fixed months after the attack.

Microsoft even commented on the invasion at the time, stating that few computers in its network were affected and that there was no evidence that consumer data was compromised. However, at that time did the company talk about the database attack.

Two out of five former employees of Microsoft said that the bugs collected were not used against other companies. On the other hand, the other three believe that the investigation by Microsoft at the time was flawed and inconclusive.

The Former employees also said that after the attack, Microsoft invested in internal security and protected other databases. However, it’s still not a good news that Microsoft has concealed an attack of this size.

It is important for technology companies to be transparent about security breaches, users deserve to know and other companies can take steps to protect themselves better.

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