How To Delete Yourself From The Internet By Pressing One Button

Social Networks, Email Accounts, Apps, Numerous services etc, how many sites or services you are linked with? It is becoming more and more difficult to measure this information.

The internet can be the most beautiful and horrible place at the same time. Sometimes, we feel like we need to leave. Unfortunately, there’s no easy way out. The site called promises to help you in deleting your web existence with just a few clicks.

How To Delete Yourself From The Internet By Pressing One Button

The website has been set up by Swedish developers Wille Dahlbo and Linus Unneback. is a web app which had the ability to exclude apps and services that are linked with your email accounts like Google or Outlook.

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The main aim of is to make things simple by allowing you to remove linked account without any complication. Whenever you go to the site, it will ask you to choose an account – Google or Outlook, you need to log in with the account and it will show you all the services linked in with your logged account.

Every linked services or account gets paired with an easy delete link which points users to the unsubscribe page for the selected service. You can simply, unsubscribe it from there.

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