5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Are Not True

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Are Not True

5 Biggest Smartphone Myths That Are Not True

If you are going to buy a smartphone, maybe this guide can be very useful. Basically, let’s talk about the 5 myths that exist in the world of smartphones and which manufacturers use to promote their smartphones, leading users to cheat. 5 things you should know before buying a smartphone.

1. More Megapixels

Many people think more megapixels equals to better photo quality, which is a mistake. In fact, some of the higher-level cameras from companies like Nikon or Canon have fewer megapixels and are more expensive than others at a lower level.

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One only has to think that a greater number of megapixels also means to have them agglutinate more in a sensor of the same size, which loses quality for many reasons. Hence the iPhone 6 camera is better than the vast majority of the flagship market, even though it is only 5 megapixels. A Nikon D4 has a sensor of 16.2 megapixels, its price is several thousand dollars, and is the one carried by many photographers you can see on football fields, or on Formula 1 circuits.

There are several smartphones on the market with “higher resolution” cameras, but none of those devices can compete with a Nikon D4. The biggest problem is that to know the quality of the camera we do not have anything easy. It depends on the pixel size, the focal length of the camera, etc.

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2. Multicore processors are faster

Generally, when we talk about the processors and differentiate between the best and the worst, we sometimes talk about the processor cores or their clock frequency. However, manufacturers sometimes use this to give quality to a processor. An eight-core processor does not have to be better than four. A quad-core processor is not like the Qualcomm Snapdragon 835. This must be taken into account because manufacturers will try to give this data to take as the reference to say that your processor is the best. It is best to compare other smartphones with the same processor, or smartphones whose processors we know to be better. So, it means that quality is always better than quantity.

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3. More RAM is better

Have you ever wonder that the tech giant Apple’s iPhones work excellent with just 1GB or 2GB of RAM. While if we talk about the Android, then Android users always lead to go for the smartphones with more RAM. But, if you notice the Nexus and Pixel series devices then you may notice that they do not have much RAM but still, they work like a charm. So, always keep one thing in your mind that you can simply optimize your smartphone’s performance rather of spending extra bucks on those extra RAM.

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4. Internal Memory

This is not the first time we talk about memory. Many times the memory is what determines the fluidity with which a smartphone works. Reaching the limit of memory is what makes the mobile start to malfunction, and of course, a memory lower than another is worse. But manufacturers are not honest about memory. The Motorola Moto G 2013 variant has a memory of 8 GB, with something less available to the user. But everything else is internal memory. Other manufacturers carry 16 GB memories but keeps only 1 or 2 GB of internal memory. The rest is actually external memory, even though it is inside the smartphone. Manufacturers call one internal memory and the other internal storage. Even more basic than that is to offer a 32GB memory with a microSD card.

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5. Only use Company’s own Charger

The honest truth is that about this “you could use any charger to charge your device, but keep in your mind that it should be built to manufacturers specs. However, it does not mean that we are forcing users to use non-original products, instead of original one, as the original charger is always best. However, it happens many time if you will notice then you can find the different time results with different chargers which really doesn’t mean that it will affect the battery of your smartphone. Moreover, let me clarify that recent smartphone batteries are enough smart to use the maximum amount of power that it can handle despite what is being supplied.

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