5 Useful Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks You Should Know

5 Useful Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks You Should Know

5 Useful Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks You Should Know

5 Useful Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks You Should Know: Command Prompt or CMD is the command line interface in Windows operating system that let users execute commands to control the whole computer from shutting it down to launching apps, formatting drives and much more.

If you are a pro user then you might know the power of command prompt. In this article, we are going to share some of the helpful command prompt tricks that will help you to save some extra clicks.

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5 Useful Command Prompt (CMD) Tricks You Should Know

1) Command History

There is a command that will let you track down all your command history. This command will be useful if you are trying to look for some command that you have used in the past.

doskey /history

2) Colorful Command Prompt

You can also change the color of your command prompt to make it look more beautiful. You just need to right-click at the top corners of the Command prompt and then choose the option “Properties”. Find the colors tab and set the color according to your wish.

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3) Scan System files for problems

If your computer is showing you some error, then sfc /scannow command will be very helpful. If some of your computer files are missing or corrupted, this command will fix them.

sfc /scannow

4) Find WiFi passwords

Command prompt if utilized correctly can be of great use. You can use CMD commands to find the WiFi passwords of all connected devices. Read our article How to Find Passwords of All Connected Wifi Passwords to know every command.

5) Remove Virus Using CMD

CMD is very useful, and it can even help you get rid of computer viruses. Read our article How To Remove Virus From Computer Using CMD to remove a virus from a computer without using Antivirus.

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These are the five best command prompt tricks that you can use it on your Windows computer. Did you like this article? Share it with others also.

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