Want To Know Who’s Ignoring Your Friend Request On Facebook? Here’s How

Want To Know Who's Ignoring Your Friend Request On Facebook? Here's How

Want To Know Who’s Ignoring Your Friend Request On Facebook? Here’s How

Want To Know Who’s Ignoring Your Friend Request On Facebook? Here’s How: We must admit, we can’t live a day without smartphone and Facebook. Not only Facebook, some instant messaging app like WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram are now playing an important role in our life.

If we talk about Facebook, the user base of social networking giant keeps on increasing because of its features and user-friendly interface. We are going to share something really important here which can help you know who have rejected your Facebook friend request.

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Have you ever received a friend request on Facebook and ignored it, assuming that the sender may not be able to find it? Well, you are entirely wrong!

The social networking giant actually provides users an awesome in which you can find out your pending friend requests, with whom you attempted to be friends on the social media platform but they choose to ignore your friend request instead.

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The process is very simple and many of you might already know. However, there are many others who still don’t know the feature. So, this article is for them. Let’s know how to know who’s ignoring your friend request on Facebook.

1) Log into your Facebook Account from a computer and then you need to click on “Frend Request” Icon in the top right-hand of the home page.

2) There you will see lots of recent friend request that you have received, or any friend suggestions. You need to click on “See All” which is located at the bottom to load the complete Friend Request Page

3) Then, click on “View Sent Requests” button which is located at the top of the page to see who has ignored you. The list will show you the pending requests sent by you (means: ignored)

How To Check On Facebook Mobile?

1) Open the Facebook app on your smartphone and log into your account. Tap on the Request icon which is located at the bottom left of the screen. It will load a list of your friend requests and people you may know.

2) There you need to scroll to the bottom of the list and click on “See All”. There you will see a new list which will show you the options listed below the icons across the top of the screen.

3) Tap on the “Outgoing” icon which is located on the very right-hand side of these icons. Now it will display all your friend request that has been send and not accepted yet (Ignored)

It’s worth to note that the list also shows up people who either don’t use Facebook or someone who doesn’t want to be your friend.

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