This 9-Year-Old Coder Is Better At Programming Than Professionals

This 9-Year-Old Coder Is Better At Programming Than Professionals

This 9-Year-Old Coder Is Better At Programming Than Professionals

Among the thousands of developers on the world conference starring the tech giant Apple, there was one of them that did not go unnoticed as it was presented in partnership with Tim Cook at the beginning of his initial presentation (fair After censoring the terrorist acts that took place last weekend in Orlando), as the assistant to the youngest event in the history of the WWDC. Anvitha Vijay who is only 9 years old and she is the youngest kid who developed applications for the iOS ecosystem.

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Anvitha Vijay is an Australian girl of Indian origin, who has started emerging at a very young age in such competitive world. At her young age, she is credited with 2 successful Apps and a very ambitious eagerness to create more and continue learning and improving.

Vijay attended the event thanks to Apple’s scholarship program. She started at a young age, at the age of 7 and self-taught, watching videos and tutorials on YouTube. Thus, her first application, GoalsHi, built it on the summer break and won a $ 10,000 prize in the OzApp Australia in 2015.

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Later, she created Smartkins in two different versions, Animals (with which to help children to Distinguish more than 100 different animals) and Rainbow Colors (to help the little ones to distinguish the colors), both interactive and educational applications for children.

“I want to be a successful entrepreneur in the world,” Anvitha Vijay said after the success of her first application.

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The smallest protagonist of the biggest annual event created by the tech giant Apple says however that she had a hard time learning the code, but once learned she was deeply proud.

Hopefully, the new application presented in this Keynote and many similar ones will help us to increasingly have more and more young people fighting for their future doing what they like most. A great example to follow.

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