Make Your IRON MAN Dreams Come True With This Exoskeleton

Maybe you have never considered buying an exoskeleton to surprise your friends, but in Japan, they have already gone ahead and are selling them to the public, as long as you can afford it.

Skeletonics is the company that has manufactured the impressive exoskeleton, and its appearance, as well as terrifying, can give a lot of play, although we doubt that you can ever take it out without being stopped.

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You will know what we tell you if you see the entire video of the Skeletonics exoskeleton that accompanies the news. The Japanese company already started collecting orders to manufacture one of these exoskeletons for an initial amount of $93,000.

Among the functions of the Skeletonics exoskeleton is to make the user presume to go on one of these contraptions, almost feeling like he/she is in a science fiction movie. Apart from that, little else does the exoskeleton: move your arms, walk and especially move your fingers, which are certainly terrifying.

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However, we speak of an exoskeleton measuring 2.74 meters and weighing about 40 kilos, which is essential to know how to handle because it can end up being dangerous for the user. Even so, it is unknown what use can be given to this exoskeleton, but it seems ideal for combat training operations or to entertain corporate parties.

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“They often tell me that it looks fantastic, but then I have to explain to them that it really does not do anything, which confuses many people,” explains the creator Tatsuro Shiroku to The Japan Times. “We do not think about creating anything useful,” he concludes.

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