Apple Just Launched Its New Cheapest iPad (2018)

Apple Just Launch Its New Cheapest iPad (2018)

Apple Just Launch Its New Cheapest iPad (2018)

The tech giant Apple is convinced that the future of the tablets is to be implemented in education and business, and to do so recently, the tech giant Apple has made a special presentation at a school in Chicago where it has presented its new cheapest iPad of 9.7 inches which is basically designed for students, however, it will also be sold in the usual way. But the schools will have a discount.

The main novelties of this new iPad of 2018, with respect to the version of last year, are the A10 Fusion processor, full support of iOS 11 and, especially, the Apple Pencil that Tim Cook considers key in collaborative projects, and so that the Students have a more natural contact with the screen. It will be like writing and drawing in an electronic notebook.

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Externally, the only novelty is the new gold finish. It maintains the 9.7-inch Retina display, with a Facetime camera for selfies and video conferencing, and an 8 MP rear camera capable of recording 1080p video, or scanning documents.

The new A10 Fusion processor is up to 50% faster than its predecessor in some aspects and is designed for Augmented Reality, which will have a special role in schools, as an attractive and different method of learning different subjects.

The power of the A10 Fusion processor also offers true multitasking support, which allows you to run several apps at once, and even send files from one to another, simply by dragging. For example, several students will be able to chat while doing group homework.

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The other big bet of the new iPad of 9.7 inches is the Apple Pencil but disappoints that you have to buy it separately. Even so, Tim Cook explained in the keynote that the pencil is key for students to take notes, draw and work on the iPad in a natural way, favouring collaborative projects.

The new iPad of 9.7 inches of 2018 is compatible with any Bluetooth keyboard, it has a fingerprint reader, high-speed WiFi and 4G LTE support, GPS and compass. Guarantees an autonomy of 10 hours.

The institutes will have free storage of up to 200 GB in the cloud iCloud, and thanks to facial recognition the same iPad can be used by several students.

Apps like Pages, Numbers and Keynote have been adapted to support the Apple Pencil. New educational apps are released, such as Classroom, which includes a text editor, graphic design and other tools, and SchoolWork, with which teachers can assign homework and evaluate students. And of course, it is compatible with more than a million apps in the Apple Store.

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The new 9.7-inch iPad with Apple Pencil support (which will be sold separately) can be booked from today at a price of $299, although as we said the students will get a discount. The Apple Pencil costs $99. A pencil from Logitech has been announced that will cost cheaper ($50).

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