Here’s The List Of 7 Weirdest Things You Can See On Google Earth

Finding weird things on Google Earth is almost a sport. This popular Google program has been with us for over ten years and simply delighting us with the most curious things.

Now with Google Maps and Street View has the perfect complement. There are many strange places discovered through these applications, although today we have decided to focus on something wider: rare things in Google Earth, that is, buildings, figures and other elements that are not geographical features but human creations.

There are some really amazing ones, so, let’s see all those weird things:-

1. A giant erection

Someone with a lot of free time dedicated to create this figure, only visible from the air. It is neither more nor less than a giant with the erection in erection, and it is not the only one. As they are in the United Kingdom.

2. A giant race track

Although from above it may seem like an alien signal, it is really just the test track built by Fiat. It is strategically built to test the speed and acceleration of its cars. It measures 12 kilometres.

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3. Another test track, this time on the roof

It is a car factory closed in 1982. Now it is a shopping centre, but in its day Fiat climbed to the roof the new models of its cars simply to test them right there.

4. Oilfield

This oil field is furrowed by oil pipelines and roads to move the oil from one place to another. That makes that seen from above look like this. It is located in Rio Negro, Argentina.

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5. A park with a star shape

This type of structure has become obsolete, but during the Soviet era, it was usual to build parks with the symbol of the party. One of the ones that remain is the one in this photo, in the Kazakh city of Lizakovsk.

6. A building in the shape of a swastika

For some reason, or perhaps wanting, the architect who designed this building of the Naval Base of Coronado (USA) did not notice that his creation had the shape of a swastika.

7. The largest pool in the world

Imagine doing a long swimming in a pool like the one in the photo. It is located in the hotel resort of San Alfonso del Mar, in Chile. It is 1 kilometre long.

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So, what do you think about all these things? Simply share all your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

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