Apple’s Super-Expensive iPhone X Will Be DEAD This Year

Apple's Super-Expensive iPhone X Will Be DEAD This Year

Apple’s Super-Expensive iPhone X Will Be DEAD This Year

The sales of the tech giant Apple’s flagship smartphone, of course, the iPhone X is not being any good, and it seems that the Cupertino could change business strategy with the launch of the new iPhone later this year. Analysts believe that the iPhone X is currently dead.

Although we have been listening to analysts say that iPhone X sales were not good, the latest estimates of Mirabaud Securities, are much more enlightening about it.

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After making known that the largest semiconductor company in the world, TSMC, has a huge oversupply of chips without selling to Apple (most aimed at the iPhone X ), analysts’ estimates omit the high-end facility of Apple for the floors.

The analyst Neil Campling of this firm, maintains that the excess of chips in TSMC “has never been so high”, and that shows that Apple is selling less iPhone X than expected after having ordered the production of many components that finally will not give out With the lower production of the iPhone X, and the problem of saturation of TSMC inventory,” it reflects the need to burn inventory because basically the iPhone X is dead,” says the analyst.

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Despite this, it is expected that Apple will again bet on a very expensive iPhone X by the end of the year, although they will also launch two cheaper versions, one with an OLED panel and another with an IPS panel.

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