Uninstall These 8 Apps From Your Android Smartphone RIGHT NOW

Uninstall These 8 Apps From Your Android Smartphone RIGHT NOW

Uninstall These 8 Apps From Your Android Smartphone RIGHT NOW

Although the latest generation of mobile phones, even the best mid-range phones usually have enough power to run the most powerful games and applications almost without flinching, that does not mean that sometimes your processor and RAM may suffer any lag due to the great number of applications that sometimes without realizing we execute in parallel form. Not to mention cheap or older mobiles of less capacity, they do have a hard time.

Taking advantage of the situation in Google Play you can find a lot of applications that promise to improve the performance of your Android, unfortunately we tell you that if you have decided to install some do not expect miracles, in fact, we already say that they are apps that you should delete from your Android phone so you do not keep wasting memory on these foolish things.

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To maximize the performance of your Android phone or tablet, it’s a good idea to pass all your files to an external MicroSD, to the cloud and free up space in your internal memory. Also, reduce the number of tasks to be executed by uninstalling some applications that do not contribute anything.

Many of these apps not only have no use but consume resources intensively. You must remove them from your Android immediately, although no doubt those that were installed as standard on the device will resist dying.

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Here is a list of the dispensable apps that should be deleted from any smartphone right now:-

  1. Third party Music players
  2. Clean Master and other optimization applications
  3. Default Internet Browser
  4. Optimizers and performance enhancers
  5. Widgets that are updated automatically
  6. Apps that lower the operating temperature
  7. Antivirus for Android and other mobile OS
  8. Pre-installed apps that you do not use

So, these are the 8 application that you should uninstall from your Android device right now.

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