Here’s The List Of Best Movies For Technology Lovers

Today we can not imagine a single day without technology. The cinema has echoed this and there are many films that address this issue. That’s why at Tech Caption we have created a list of the best movies for technology lovers.

There are works that address the possibility that this technique is misused, while others tell the birth of Facebook, or experiment with virtual reality, which has resurfaced through glasses like the Samsung Gear VR or the Oculus Rift.

If what you prefer is a more futuristic theme, you can always see Gattaca, which tells the story of a space research and study center for young people with an impeccable genetic heritage.

As the theme is so wide, we have selected some of the best technological films, among which the trilogy of Matrix, Origin or Blade Runner. Do you want to know what are the other films that we have included in this article? Simply follow the list mentioned below.

1. 1984

In 1984, all citizens are controlled by a Big Brother with advanced technology and are subject to a dictatorship. One day, Winston Smith receives a message from Julia and they begin a loving relationship within what is allowed.

In a meeting with Julia, both are arrested. Winston is tortured and will have to face his worst fears. During the process, you will have to question both your ideas about reality and your feelings towards it.

This gray adaptation of George Orwell’s classic presents technology as something fantastic but at the same time catastrophic, because it is in the wrong hands. The film won the “Best British Film of the Year” award at the Evening Standard British Film Awards.

2. Minority Report

In Minority Report everything is connected to a supercomputer that sends signals to detect and prevent crime before it happens. This department is called the “Precrime Unit” and society is delighted with it because they have eradicated the murders. A policeman, played by Tom Cruise, is embroiled in a scandal when he sees a vision of himself killing a man he does not know.

Because of the fear of being arrested and convicted, he becomes a fugitive to try to discover why he would want to murder the man he saw in the vision. His only hope to thwart the plot is to find his future victim. For that, it only has the partial and enigmatic visions of one of the Pre-Cogs: Agatha.

If you liked the movie we have to inform you that there will be a television sequel directed by Mark Mylod, which is set ten years after the film.

3. The Social Network

What is behind Facebook? The film tells the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the origin of the most famous social network in the world. The story reflects the ambitions, dreams, and challenges of a small group of students who want to make a revolution in the world of networks.

Zuckerberg is presented as an arrogant and ambitious young man who wants to make an internal social network for Harvard. In just 6 years, the Facebook project will unite more than 500 million users and make the founder the youngest millionaire of all time.

As a curiosity comment that after a first version of the social network, Facebook requested several changes in the film as well as in the elimination of some scenes.

4. Gattaca

In a perfect world, Gattaca is a center of studies and space research for young people with an impeccable genetic heritage. Jerome Morrow, the ideal candidate, sees his life shattered by a terrible accident, while Vincent Freeman, conceived naturally, dreams of going into space.

Each of them will allow the other to reach their dreams, defying the laws that govern Gattaca. When everything seemed to be done according to his plans, a flight director is brutally murdered and, at the scene of the crime, threatens to disrupt the plans of Jerome and Vincent. This film denounces the technical supremacy over the human, so in vogue in recent times.

5. Blade Runner

I have seen things that you would not believe: attacking burning ships beyond Orion, I have seen C rays shine in the darkness near the Tannhauser Gate. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. This is one of the most famous phrases of the film and gave us Blade Runner, do you remember?

The film is set in a far distant 2019 in the city of Los Angeles. This supposed future is dominated by huge skyscrapers and large neon billboards. In this context, the Tyrell company has developed a new robot prototype called Nexus 6. The android has an appearance identical to that of a human being but has much more strength.

After an incident occurred in which robots escape, the Replicators are declared outlaws and special units formed by Blade Runners are created. These are special police officers whose goal is to eliminate all of them.

The American audience ignored it at first but quickly became a cult movie worldwide. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best movies for technology lovers.

6. Inception

Dom Cobb, played by Leonardo Di Caprio, is the best extractor in the world. His job is to enter the dreams of his victims and extract the secrets of the business world and then sell them with great dividends.

Due to the risky methods that it uses, no hiding place is sufficiently recondite to offer security. The businessman Saito recruits him for his last mission that could allow him his long-awaited return home. On this occasion, they should not steal any secrets, but they should implant an idea in the subconscious of the heir of a multinational.

Cobb and his team prepare for the mission, but they do not realize a great risk: the spectrum of Mal, which is still in his thoughts.

Technology lovers will love this movie and those who are not, because of its brilliant history. In addition, Inception won 4 Oscars in 2010 among which was Best Picture, Best Sound Edition, Best Sound and Best Visual Effects.

7. Matrix

The queen of movie queens for technology lovers is, without a doubt, the Matrix trilogy. This trio of films by the Wachowski brothers are, possibly, the most emblematic of an era. Released in 1999, tells the story of Neo, a hacker who has intuited all his life that there is something more.

With many references to the world of hackers and special effects that served as a precedent to many films that came later, Matrix is mandatory viewing. The first film of the saga speaks of birth, the second of life and the third of death, so it is not unusual to find a multitude of philosophical nuances in the trilogy.

From the same day that it was premiered, it has been considered a cult work, a reference for action films and for innovation in special effects. Films like “The Art of War” or “Blade 2” were used a posteriori of technical advances for the development of their history.

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