Top 5 of the Best Smart Home Apps of Our Time 

Top 5 of the Best Smart Home Apps of Our Time 

The more you acquire smart devices, the more difficult it is to keep up with them. However, there are excellent apps to help you control all these devices perfectly from the comfort of your couch. This article will help you discover the best home automation apps to take your home to the next level! 

A Compiled List of The Best Home Automation Apps  

1. Google Assistant

If rated by the number of downloads and usage, Google Assistant can be said to be the best app to control a smart home. Your voice is all it requires to be active. You are good to go with your voice command or a tap on your phone.

Are you running late for work, stuck in traffic, or expecting guests? You can manage your chores and smart devices with the Google Assistant app. It is much faster to set off tasks simultaneously if you create “routines” on the Google Assistant App.

For example, when you need to sleep or rush off to work, a command helps you switch off the lights, close the blinds, and turn off the TV. How does it feel to know you can minimize your chores and be more productive with the help of an automation app?

2. SmartThings

With over 500+ downloads, Samsung SmartThings is universally the best app to control your smart home if you want to invest in adequate home security with easier access from anywhere. 

With SmartThings, you can set up automatic trigger functions to control your lock and other systems from anywhere. You don’t have to be on your phone all day, as SmartThings will keep you updated by sending notifications whenever movements are detected. Interestingly, you can also set up an automation for start and end times for your appliances. 

This way, life becomes satisfying when you can seamlessly display a movie from your phone to the TV, start the laundry on your way home and even start the dishwasher from the comfort of your bedroom.

3. Amazon Alexa 

Do you need the best smart home automation app to create a cozy home and keep up with your schedule? With set up routines on the Amazon Alexa app, you can save energy by adjusting your thermostat and creating timers for your lights without a headache. You can get alerts and updates on your phone when something feels off in your home.  

With Alexa “hunches,” you will always get a notification on your phone to remind you if you forget to lock the door or turn off the TV. It would help if you didn’t miss out on all the fantastic benefits of Amazon Alexa. 


IFTTT, meaning “If This Then That,” is the best universal smart home app that allows you to easily interact with various apps, services, and smart home devices simultaneously. 

With IFTTT, you don’t have to manage and control your Google Assistant, Alexa App, or other apps separately. All you need to do is compute your apps and services into Applets. You can automate the Applets to perform multiple actions.

 For example, an applet like “If You Say Self Destruct, Then Blink All Lights” can help you control your lights simultaneously, mainly if you use different smart plugs.

As a smart home user, you only have to use the widget to control your smart devices directly from your phone. 

5. Apple Home App

The Apple Home App is ideal for iPhones because it makes it easier for you to control every smart device inside and outside your home. For effectiveness, you can group all apple-approved devices, including smart TVs, garage doors, speakers, windows, and so much more, into one. You can also create scenes that automate group commands.

For instance, you can set a scene for “going out,” which helps you turn off the lights and smart tv, lower the blind, and open and lock up your door after you leave. You can set these scenes based on location and who is home at any time of the day. 

You can enjoy access to specific automation by building your best iPad home automation app or using other hubs like Apple Tv, Homekit Hub, or Homepod. With the best smart home app, your home is now easier to control. Which of them is your best home automation app? Drop a comment below! 

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