Researchers Accidentally Invent A Battery That Lasts Forever

Researchers Accidentally Invent A Battery That Lasts Forever

Researchers Accidentally Invent A Battery That Lasts Forever

Smartphones have become one of our daily lifelines and most of the time we face the only regarding the battery only. But, now it seems that soon that issue will overcome, as recently, scientists at the University of California at Irvine have developed a rechargeable battery that could last up to 400 years.

The invention was produced by accident since, in fact, they were trying to design better nanowires for use in normal rechargeable batteries.

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Nanofilaments are very good conductors because they have has the amount of surface to maintain their electrons, but they are also very fragile and tend to give problems after only a few charges.

For this reason, the team of Ph.D. student Mya Le Thai was investigating the properties of gold nanowires and embedded in a special electrolyte gel.

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During the tests the team made an astounding discovery: The battery survived 200,000 charge cycles in three months without any loss of performance. Accordingly, the battery of a normal or portable smartphone could last for about 400 years.

“It was crazy,” said Reginald Penner, head of the University’s School of Chemistry. “Usually, these batteries decline rapidly after only five or six thousand cycles, seven thousand at the most.”

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Researchers are still not sure why the combination of gel and gold cables make a super battery but because gold is a very expensive material, scientists want to try out some alternatives before they start producing a marketable product.

This is the reason why we still do not know when we can start using this super durable battery in our smartphones if we do. But these early tests are certainly promising.

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