Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Programming For Free

Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Programming For Free

Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Programming For Free

Top 10 Best Websites To Learn Programming For Free: Learning to program can change your life for the better since this known area is more required in large companies.

If that was not enough, there are lots of opportunities provided by Google and Apple like Google Play Store and App Store where you can make and publish your app to earn some revenue.

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If the prospect is computers, nothing better than learning to talk to them. Check out these free sites to learn how to program.

1) Codecademy

Codecademy works as an online programming course. Teaching is arranged into fun and short chapters, beginning with the simplest programming theories and even the most complicated parts (including languages like JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, Python, Ruby, HTML, CSS, and APIs ).

2) Khan Academy

KhanAcademy classes serve the Codecademy line, but they have a lot more videos. They concentrate on introducing programming and markup languages & and then leave to more advanced parts, such as game development.

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3) is a non-profit organization that supports the spread of computer science. On the web, they manage a series of mini-courses and tutorials especially designed for children aged 8 years and over – but there are also content provided for young people and teenagers.

4) Code Avengers

Code Avengers is also a vast content repository for programming. On this page, you have access to the content of various orders, and you can increase your programmer’s potential in many ways. With Code Avengers you can learn to program for the web (with HTML and CSS) or build applications and games (in JavaScript).

5) Coursera

The Coursera platform has more than 1800 courses from 142 partners, among them famous universities. There are many choices for programming. And, most importantly, many are free.

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6) Udacity

In Udacity you can find free courses of leading companies in their areas such as Google, Amazon or Facebook. They are multi-level, for beginners, intermediate and advanced level. Programming is one of the areas you can find. Classes are mostly video-based and practical exercise.

7) Microsoft Virtual Academy

As the name implies is from Microsoft and is intended for anyone who wants to create products for Windows. There are courses specially created for beginners that will give you the knowledge you need to progress in the world of programming

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8) EDX

It is a platform created by Harvard University and MIT – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with courses from the best universities in the world. There are some free courses. But you can decide the level of the course, the language, and area of learning.

9) Android Training

Android Training is a Google tool that contributes tutorials for programmers learning to create programs for Android. Possibly this is not the best option for those who are beginning from scratch, but here are a number of useful tips for anyone looking to develop apps for the most extensively used mobile system in the world.

10) MIT Open Courseware

Manuals, exams, multimedia contents, works, projects, and examples. It’s all free at MIT Open Courseware. Just choose the course and start!

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Do you know any other online sites to learn programming? If Yes, then put your suggestions in the comments.

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