Bill Gates: ‘The Biggest Mistake I Made At Microsoft’

Bill Gates: 'The Biggest Mistake I Made At Microsoft'

Bill Gates: ‘The Biggest Mistake I Made At Microsoft’

If we talk about the tech giant Microsoft then it is impossible to leave Bill Gates, as, without Bill Gates, Microsoft is incomplete. He is the founder and visionary who has laid the foundations for Windows to succeed today.

This is also one of the most influential personalities in the world of technology, as, in his last speech, the founder of the tech giant Microsoft, Bill Gates made some important revelations. The biggest of them is the mistake that was made while losing the market of smartphones for Android.

At the Village Global-sponsored event, the Founder of the tech giant Microsoft, Bill Gates revealed some of his views on Microsoft’s past and present. In particular, he revealed one of its biggest flaws as Microsoft’s top manager.

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The Biggest Mistake of Bill Gates

Bill Gates recently, revealed that the tech giant Microsoft losing the smartphone market to Android was its biggest mistake, as the presence of Windows Mobile was guaranteed in the market, even before Android arrived. This should have been an advantage, as there is only room for a competitor to Apple in the mobile market.

Had it succeeded in gaining this position, Microsoft would certainly be a much more important and active company. And not only that even he also claimed that currently, Microsoft is also a top company in the tech industry. Moreover, here’s what he stated:-

“The biggest mistake of all time was some management flaw on my part that made Microsoft not be what Android is today, as Android is the standard platform for non-Apple smartphones. It was a natural thing for Microsoft to win.”

This change would have come not just from the dominant market position, but from another factor as well. This would have snapped the $400 billion that Android represents today as it is known. The focus was mainly on the business market and Android managed to win the users.

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However, the fact is that if they had, then the tech giant Microsoft would now have a market share of around 85%. This is the estimated value for Android and for smartphones that use this operating system. Finally, it would also be a unique opportunity to integrate with the rest of the software giant’s proposals, something that is happening today.

But, this admission of failure is important at a time when the company is highly valued in the stock market. And not only that even the company has also reached the trillion dollars value, a value which is previously undeniably reserved for a few companies.

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