Meet The Canon’s Powerful 120MP Camera Sensor

Meet The Canon's Powerful 120MP Camera Sensor

Meet The Canon’s Powerful 120MP Camera Sensor

The Canon published recently, on its YouTube channel a video showing how its 120MXS image sensor, a CMOS sensor with no less than 120 MP resolution. The device was built into an experimental camera, and the company showed that it can record videos with an incredible amount of detail.

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According to the manufacturer, this product could be embedded in surveillance cameras and monitoring areas with the large flow of people. That way, the police or the safety of a football stadium, for example, could zoom in on someone’s face a few feet away and still be able to identify their face.

According to the brand, the sensor has an effective resolution of 13280 x 9184, which produces 60x images more detailed than Full HD (1920×1080). To make images with all that resolution at the same time, however, the camera can only make 9.4 frames per second, which is not exactly a video.

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It is curious to note that this sensor should not equip professional DSLR cameras at any time in the near future. This is because its 29×20 mm (APS-H) format does not allow the pixels to be of considerable size to ensure good image quality with respect to colour depth and other features. If the 120MXS is not yet suitable for use in professional cameras, do not expect to see something like this on the smartphone camera anytime soon.

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