Carl Pei: OnePlus 6 With iPhone X-Like Notch Design CONFIRMED

Carl Pei: OnePlus 6 With iPhone X-Like Notch Design CONFIRMED

Carl Pei: OnePlus 6 With iPhone X-Like Notch Design CONFIRMED

Just yesterday an image was leaked in which supposedly appeared the OnePlus 6 with the wooden carcass. Today, we have access to a new image, although with the certainty that it is an official photo of OnePlus 6. With this also comes to light the reason why the company will implement a notch on the screen of its new smartphone, in addition to other technical details of interest.

The first real photograph of OnePlus 6 has been broadcast by the portal The Verge. However, the reason is worth explaining since there is a story behind that caused this intentional leak. Yes, we say intentional because it was the manufacturer who provided the graphic material to the page. The reason is none other than an article with harsh criticism towards the notch or notch of the screen that is beginning to spread throughout the Android smartphone market.

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OnePlus 6 with iPhone X-like notch

In a movement with clear strategic dyes, the CEO of OnePlus contacted the editorial team to try to explain the reasons that will lead the brand to include a notch on the OnePlus 6 screen. Because, it will be inevitable that the new OnePlus model includes the notch popularized last year by Apple with its iPhone X, as it portrays the attached image.

However, Carl Pei wanted to explain the reasons that led the company to make that decision. Maybe a forced position, an attempt to stop the widespread rejection that has caused this change after the wave of smartphones presented with this approach. An argument to prevent the crowd from falling into the mistake of thinking that the fact of adopting a screen notched concerned an attempt to copy the iPhone X design.

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It does not invade the screen, it enlarges it

One of the first points addressed by the top executive of OnePlus is to explain that the introduction of the notch does not mean to invade the interface of the system, nor subtract surface from the screen. Carl Pei alleges that it is a technical solution to expand the screen’s extension since the section of the notification bar is extended. A solution that has been implemented in turn to maintain essential elements in the front of the equipment, such as the front camera, the speaker and the sensors.

According to OnePlus, it is the way to combine the best of a screen without frames with the possibility of maintaining essential elements on the front of every smartphone.

The explanations of Carl Pei around the screen with a notch of the OnePlus 6 also leaves us some technical details about it. In the first place, the manager has indicated that the notch will measure 19,616 x 7,687 millimetres. A more compact measure than that offered by the iPhone X, but more extensive than the view in the Essential Phone, model with the smallest notch seen till to the date.

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The reason is none other than the company’s own needs. The OnePlus 6 will not require a notch like the iPhone X since it will not be necessary to integrate more sensors than necessary. The Apple model includes some additional features to give functionality to its 3D face recognition system, Face ID. On the other hand, they did not want to reduce the notch anymore since it would have meant the suppression of sensors and compromise the audio quality of the speaker and the camera itself.

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