OMG! Three Users Sue Facebook Over Call, Text Data Scraping

OMG! Three Users Sue Facebook Over Call, Text Data Scraping

OMG! Three Users Sue Facebook Over Call, Text Data Scraping

Three users of the Facebook messaging application have filed a lawsuit in California against the social network giant Facebook, which they accuse of violating their privacy by collecting passwords and text messages from their mobile phones.

This legal action initiated on Tuesday calls for compensation for damages not yet specified and aims to become a class action to which all affected users who wish may join.

At the moment, the company founded by Mark Zuckerberg has not ruled on the lawsuit.

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The social network giant Facebook is immersed in a scandal for the massive use of personal data of its users, revealed during the investigation into the alleged manipulation of the last presidential campaign in the US.

Last Sunday, the social network giant Facebook itself has admitted that it has stored text histories and calls from some users, but assured that it has only done so when those Android users had authorized it. Android belongs to Alphabet, the tech giant Google matrix, against which the lawsuit has not been filed.

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In addition, the social network giant Facebook has denied that it kept the content of these messages and that the personal data has been sold to third parties.

The scandal that surrounds the main social network in the world, of course, I am talking about the social network giant Facebook which has already lost more than 70,000 million dollars in the stock market exploded when a journalistic investigation by The New York Times, The Observer and The Guardian revealed two weeks ago that Cambridge Analytica scandal – a marketing and advertising consultancy for political and corporate purposes based in London – irregularly managed the personal data of 50 million Facebook user profiles in order to help Donald Trump to design software that can predict and influence in the voters ahead of the presidential elections 2016.

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