This New Version Of Chrome Marks All HTTP Websites As NOT SECURE

This New Version Of Chrome Marks All HTTP Websites As NOT SECURE

This New Version Of Chrome Marks All HTTP Websites As NOT SECURE

For a while now, many companies have been forced to migrate their official portals from HTTP to HTTPS, all for security reasons, something that directly affects Internet users around the world.

One of the firms that take more seriously is all, as it could not be otherwise, the tech giant Google, something that tries to make it more than clear in the implementations it does in its popular web browser, Chrome. In fact, it is a “battle” that is keeping in the latest versions of the software against web pages with HTTP, something that increasingly hardens.

Gradually, the leading browser in the current market has been marking as unsafe webs that still use HTTP, but as you just know these measures are going to become more radical, something we will see in the month of July of this year.

In fact, the firm has just announced that from then on, all the portals that have not yet migrated to HTTPS will be marked as insecure, with all that this entails for the firms and individual users responsible for those portals in particular.

More specifically this is a measure that will correspond to the third phase of the search giant’s plan to do away with the HTTP portals, so starting this summer your Chrome browser will mark all these pages as unsafe and thus warn to the users who try to access them.

Google will mark all HTTP websites as insecure in Chrome 68

Presumably, as it has happened till to the date, this is something that we will indicate in the address bar itself, to the left of the URL itself, where you will notice that the site with which we try Connecting is not safe.

It must be borne in mind that sites that still use HTTP today are not considered safe because they do not have the same security encryption that HTTPS portals incorporate. This is something of special importance if we bear in mind that we are in an era in which cyber attacks do not stop growing in number, complexity, and damages to their victims, both companies and individual users. That is why secure connections are considered fundamental to try to solve in part everything related to these numerous attacks by third parties.

In this way, the tech giant Google began to mark these sites as unsafe in Chrome 56, while the second phase of the project came with Chrome 62, so this year will mark all HTTP sites as unsafe in Chrome 68.

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