Meet The Futuristic Nokia X (Video)

Meet The Futuristic Nokia X (Video)

Meet The Futuristic Nokia X (Video)

The Finnish company Nokia has returned to the mobile market in hand with Android, and although its range of these devices is already very broad, still expect a great flagship for the firm, even two.

Because not only is expected the Nokia 9 but according to the rumours the existence of a Nokia X or 10, as the top of the range of the firm and incorporating interesting features. Now a well-known designer has imagined what the design of this Nokia X or 10 would look like, a mobile that would undoubtedly have a very original aspect, of turning this concept into reality.

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As you can see in the attached video, this alleged Nokia X would have a pretty groundbreaking design, especially in the front, since the notch would have a very different way.

This would not really exist, and it would be the upper left area that would have the camera and sensors, surrounded by the front speaker, which would be in the centre of the top.

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Otherwise, we see a mobile in two shades of white, with a dual camera in its upper left, in the back. This seems a hybrid between the iPhone X and the iPhone 8 Plus. In any case, it is just a concept of a designer who imagines how could be the design of a new top of Nokia range will look like.

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