Google Just Launched Its AI & ML Crash Course For FREE

Google Just Launched Its AI & ML Crash Course For FREE

Google Just Launched Its AI & ML Crash Course For FREE

Do you want to learn about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning? The tech giant Google has created a website with courses and resources for all its users, it does not matter if you are a researcher or a simple curious user about these issues.

If there are some terms that are the order of the day are, without a doubt, “artificial intelligence” (AI), machine learning and automatic learning. There is no week that we do not have any related news and the giants of the industry know that the future passes through these technologies so they are betting everything to investigate and get to apply them to the real world.

The latest move of Google is to bring the knowledge of Artificial Intelligence to anyone who is willing to learn and take a few hours. “Learn with Google AI” is an initiative to make Artificial Intelligence accessible to anyone, both educationally and for researchers and experts who want to delve into specific areas.

Learn about Artificial Intelligence with the free Google course

Through its website, Google will be gathering resources to learn about machine learning and AI from the experts working there. The best thing about this course (beyond being free) is that it is adapted to all levels.

On the site, you can filter the contents according to whether you are a student, a software engineer, data expert, a simple curious or a researcher, as well as content since there are collected videos, documentation, exercises, tutorials, sample code and more.

One of the biggest attractions of “Learn with Google AI” is the intensive course Machine Learning (Machine Learning Crash Course, MLCC). It is a 100% free course that its beginnings were created to train Google’s own employees, teaching them about the basics of artificial intelligence and machine learning with practical introductions to concepts.

More than 18,000 employees have already taken advantage of it and now Google has released this course to anyone who wants to know a little more. In total there are about 15 hours of interactive classes, documentation and practical exercises. From Google, they assure that it is not necessary to have previous knowledge about these areas, but it is advisable to have programming notions.

Moreover, the progress of these areas is unstoppable and the number of experts in the field is so limited that millionaire salaries are offered.

So, what do you think about this? Simply share all your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Click here to enrol the free Google course.

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